Saturday, December 31, 2011

fuCK the umbrellas, you don't need it!

fuck the umbrella, you don't need it

this scene, if taken using 5DMarkII, will be great. Any models wanna volunteer out there? 3 couples, 2 cars, 2 umbrellas, a road, and most importantly...RAIN!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

jacky cheung advise 2011.12.10

Somewhere in the middle of the concert, he mentioned about his continual success and able to last for 30 years as a singer, isn't an easy task. He said, in actual, he has continued to put in a lot of effort all these while. And when you listen to him live, only then you'll know what is the true meaning of giving out your best in doing something. We have to adopt this jacky cheung perspective in whatever we do.

Like the way he sang, must put in the whole heart. And continue to put relentless effort to make things better. Of coz he is paid a few millions for that, but think this, isn't he already got the few millions 10 years back? Or even 20 years ago? If you got a few millions today, can you still guarantee that you will still work as hard tomorrow? and still have the heart to chase your passion for the next 20 years?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jamoica almond fudge, why?

why? why? why?

why don't you wait for me, jamoica almond fudge? you know, i have traveled so far just to have a glimpse of you, to have saved for a month just for this night with you, to have braved through the rain just to arrive at your pink doorstep, only to be greeted by all your friends, without you there. Your mum told me that you're out of stock since yesterday. Your sister, jamoica, is just not good enough, coz she doesn't have the nuts..., and i mean almond nuts.

Why? why don't you wait for me? haven't i been loyal enough? from the land of the sands to the bolehland, have i ever ever cheated on you? from 0.7BD to 7.50RM, i still do love you, but why gave up on me? no matter what happens, i will be RIGHT HERE WAITING, NOW AND FOREVER, UNTIL THE OCEAN DOESN'T TOUCH THE SAND...JAMOICA ALMOND FUDGE.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

kim nyit nga pen yiu zhar gau ngai...

kim nyit, yiu tiau soh hai kha lau, cong heh zhar gau ngai, khong gee yiu dor li hoi, yiu dor chat geng, khong ngai sok for shi hau chat lin char. Ngai ciu tiao gau gee, ham gee kon den loi, tian kong nyit ngm hao ngan hung kon ngai yit tiao shui lam sam chak foh shi...

kong ciu kong, ngai kok tet fuk chiu nyin hao chat lin si...

ke chak lin shi chai...
zhin heh oi tiao gau gee...

Friday, October 14, 2011

the day of buying a pen, wrapping it, and giving back to myself...

the day that i bought a pen for myself.
thanks for all that have chipped in the money.
i don't know what tomorrow will bring, but with hope and belief, going forward.
thanks everyone that has taught me in one way or another.
my 4 and 1/2 year show in kjeng has ended.
time for a new show.
the show is starting in...



Sunday, August 21, 2011

life is like a box of chocolates!

Have you ever watched "Forrest Gump"?
If you haven't, go watch it. Now. I don't care if you go download legally or illegally, youtube or whatever, just go watch it.

So, there is this one sentence Forrest Gump (Tom hanks) says which is always puzzling me. He says "Life is like a box of chocolates". Unable to understand for a few years, and never really took the trouble to look for the answer. But today, i don't know why. A sudden blink in the braincell, and i got the idea of asking in "Yahoo answers". In 20 minutes, I got 8 replies already! So fucking damn fast!

all the replies are shown below...

I totally understand it now. By the way, chocolates in Malaysia are so so so BORING! All is the same flavour...and is different than the rest of the world. Coz BolehLAnd...

Questions i ask :

Life is like a box of chocolate. What does this really means?
And how to relate it with chocolate?
I saw the Forrest Gump, a very nice movie...

Answers i got :

☠ Brick walls mouth off to me ☠
You never know what youre gonna get.
26 minutes ago

Bobby Hill
Uhhhh Ive Heard That Lots Of Times........They Even Say That In Movies
26 minutes ago

Rachel Leigh
it means you don't have a Destiney and you never know what your going to get
26 minutes ago

In some boxes of chocolate, there are many different flavors. If you pick a random one, you dont know what your gonna get:)
25 minutes ago

french toast
Originally (and maybe still, if it's decorated classically) boxes of chocolate were just that; a most likely red box would be opened and there would be an assortment of chocolates, unlabeled, so maybe you'll grab one that's milk chocolate or dark chocolate or caramel filled etc. So basically a lot in life is unexpected.
Was this a serious question?
22 minutes ago

I mean he SAYS "you never know whatcha gonna get" but that aside I always thought it meant "Everything looks the same until you bite into it and find a surprise" sort of "don't judge a book by it's cover" quote. It can mean anything people bend it into though.
21 minutes ago

I suck at usernames
Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get.
There are some chocolate boxes with many chocolates and they all look the same but when you eat them you sometimes get marshmallow, jelly, caramel, hazelnut or just plain chocolate. And most of the time, you didn't expect it. This would happen to me, I would always want the chocolaty plain ones but ended up with the yucky hard coconut ones. That is how its relevant. Nowadays most chocolate brands have pictures and labels showing which is which and the ingredients inside them.
Edited 11 minutes ago

THAT guy
It basically means you make blind decisions in life without really knowing the outcome. You choose a chocolate from the box, you don't know what's on the inside of it. You make a decision in life, and even though it was your choice, you really don't know what it will lead to.
11 minutes ago

Thursday, August 18, 2011

don't call me today

If you're calling me on the phone today, and is puzzled why i did not picked up the phone even though the ringtone has lasted like forever, don't be mad. Reason is simple. I left my phone back home.

The feeling is good. PEACEFUL is the best word to describe it. Don't you think that we sometimes were simply over-connected? Facebook lar, twitter lar, email lar, iphone lar, msn lar, skype lar, and many many other lar. Which comes to the question of really how did the people 100 years before today used to call each other. The best was the fixed public phone which only available scarcely in the big towns. The other was the snail mail. And looking back, i don't think people those days are feeling unable to connect to each other. In fact i think people really connect on a much deeper level those days. Well, at least they don't text each other even though that person is sitting right beside you. They'll really have a conversation, face to face. And they laugh, they smile in real-time, not like this :) or like this :> or like this :]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the 3 steps towards happiness and wealth

today about a few hours ago, me and my housemates were having dinner over the table. And this housemate of mine, let's say "F", said he heard his colleague told him this a while ago. So this colleague of "F" who happens to go to some sort of motivational class / course by this one guru, shares with "F" what he learnt. Of all he learnt, it could be summarized into only 3 steps. Once he says this, i was thinking that if this thing really works, then there is no need for us to buy those motivational books with 1 to 2 inches thick, some even thousands of pages...with those small small fonts! If this thing really works...NO, it can't be true! But What The Hell! What is there to lose to know what he has to say? Becoming impatient, i told "F" to spit it out right away!

Step 1
You must LAUGH every day, any occasion, any chance that you have that you could find in your daily lives. JusT LAUGH! :) you see your mother, you laugh! you see your father you laugh! you see your girlfriend, you laugh! you see your enemy you laugh! you see the car you laugh! you see the cat, you laugh! you see the dog you laugh! you see the bird, you laugh too! Even if you see the "hamdai" also you laugh!!!

Step 2
You must make sure that you live in a super clean and orderly environment. Keep your table, workstation, your bed, your room and even yourself clean, at all times! When he said that, i was already thinking about the fact that i haven't mopped the floor in my room for weeks! EEEKKK!

Step 3
You must treat yourself damn fucking good. "F" said our body is something that is closest to us, and if we treat her as rubbish, rubbish will come out, if we treat the body good, it will also produce good results! In other words, spend on yourself! Eat good food like those bird nest, wear only LV or PRADA or HERMES or BURBERRY. That is all.

Immediately after the conversation the first thing i did was to do Step 2. Right after cleaning my room for about an hour, i do really feel damn fucking good. I don't know why, it just felt right. So from here i deduced that i must continue to list down and to do anything that will make me feel good after doing it. I remembered swimming was one of it. So that counts too.

About the Step 1, i think i just have to work on it more. Step 3 is EASY....i'll just "loooook" my credit card and it will be done before i even realize it.

So, any takers out there who wanna try this 3 steps? Wanna become the white mouse? Come! when you are practicing Step 3, count me in!

Friday, July 29, 2011

don't turn off the TV halfway through...

Have you ever experienced this situation where this friend of yours said that he/she wants to tell you something, and with great eagerness, you suddenly prepare yourself. You hear drums rolling in the background inside your head, your ear hole unconsciously grew larger in diameter, just to make sure that you won't miss a word of what that fucker is going to say. Then, he says: "No larrr....i think i better not tell you this!"

W.T.F.! EXACTLY the same as to turn off the TV halfway through the movie climax, where the scenes are already so "gan-jeong" and you were curiously waiting for the next scene to see what will happen to the storyline, and SUDDENLY it comes out this


If anyone is doing this to you, get ready your finger...the middle one of coz, and you'll know what to do with it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

UNCLE! Prawn Crackers?

This post is my attempt of writing just for the sake of writing, means whatever comes to my mind i just wrote it down, one of the reason is i have long been hiatus in this blog of mine for a very long time.

2 days back, i went to have a dinner ALONE by this chinese restaurant called "Full Moon Restaurant". This name is quite special, but for a moment i really thought that you can have the view of the full moon by sitting on the corridor of the restaurant. But instead of a full moon greeting me that night, a small young girl greeted me, with both her hands carrying ten to twenty bags of prawn crackers. She said "UNCLE, oui sik har peang mou?". Without even looking into her face, i shook my head sideways...i gesture with my hand to her (not the middle finger luckily, but i really had the sudden urge to do it while thinking back of the incident). "Nope, thanks!" And so she left, searching for another UNCLE in the next table i suppose. For as long as remember i was feeling down for the whole night, and maybe i didn't finish the "ku lou yuk fan" = "tomato sauce fried pork rice" that i order, or did i? Can't really recall. So what the hell is happening here? It's that word...the most dreaded word i have started hearing these days. The same word that i used to call others when i was still a kid running down the street, or when i go buy sweets at the grocery shop and asked the taukeh how was his business that day, or when i asked the ice cream seller on the honda c70 bike give me an extra scoop of jagung. Those were the times where fire crackers were still legal to be played with...

and i can't believe my ears now that what i used to call people, are being used on me. So the conclusion is "whatever goes around, comes around" is true. You treat people nice, you get nice treatment later, if you treat people like an asshole now, your asshole gonna be really really loose sometime in the simple is the idea!

When you are still wearing pampers they will call you "be-be"

When you are still wearing a short pants playing guli with your gang, those UNCLE call you "sai lou"

When you lepak in the bus stop near the school, those teachers call you "Leng-Chai" (this is really my fav part!)

When you graduated and go to work as a newbie, colleagues call me Sam Chai while other people still call me lengchai now and then...still very syiok the feeling!

Then after a few years of working and your hairline goes higher and higher, they removed the "chai" and replace it with "Kor" becomes "Sam Kor"

And looking at the current progress, it will maybe change to UNCLE Sam very very soon. And later will be Sam Yeh, or the Armageddon day will be the day when i hear people calling me "Sam Pak" or the double Armageddon would be "Sam Gong"!!!

I can't take it anymore~~~ help me ! help !!!!!

Ceebai, i wish i could stop the time and remain as Sam Chai forever. Now i know why the Chinese Emperor send his troop to Japan in search of the "Elixir of Youth", not really becoz he don't have enough time to conquer the whole world, but is actually becoz he really can't stand his friends calling him "UNCLE" behind his back!!!

Too bad he couldn't find the elixir, but if i were him, i could actually go to Korea and find the SNSD of those times where each of the leng lui will forever refer to me as "OPPAAAhhhhh~~~~~~~~" - and in a very very sexy voice ~~~~ "OPPAAAhhhhh~~~~~~~~"!!!

Oh, what the fuck is happening to my brain lately.......

End of post

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Michael taught me something

I found out yesterday that i am the kind of person who is emotionless. I cannot really appreciate and recognise love from others, or even love or express love towards others. i am a very self centered person in terms of love. all i think of is me, me and me!!! That is the only conclusion i could arrive at, after noticing myself unable to even drip a drop of tears after hearing the sad news from his sister. Tonight is still the same. I saw Michael laying there, motionless, and still people around me were crying uncontrollably, and i still am holding up. What is the matter with me???

Conclusion i made:
All this while, i have been on the receiving end of the friendship with Michael, never the giver. Never even cared to give a birthday present, never even make time for a visit once in a while, never never never! Why? Becoz all i think is me, me and me!!! And i took everything for granted, that everything will last forever, everything will be there waiting for me...which is so damn wrong!

What i am gonna do:
From today onwards, i will really use my heart, to be the giver, to be working on any relationship, and not just let it slip by like this, only to regret when it is too late. I am gonna express openly of what i think to the people that matters most to me, do what i really wanna do, and i won't give a damn to what other people think of me. Life is just too short for me not to learn this lesson. Thanks for the lesson Michael. You'll always be my brother!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tiada lagi~~~ tiadA LaGi~~~

Got a call in the middle of the night at 10pm from a close friend.

Mr S: Wanna come out or not?
Me: You still haven't recovered?
Mr S: Just come, I'm at Sunway Giza
Me: It's already the *third week already, you know?

Anyway, half an hour later, i was with him on that small round table, him having a Starker beer on his hand, me having a hot Tea on my hand...he drinks, i drinks, the two singer performing live in front was really good...especially the girl singer...and she sang...

Tiada lagi yang kuharapkan~~~
Tiada lagi yang kuimpikan~~~
Biar aku sendiri tanpa dirimu~~~
Tiada lagi kata cintaku~~~
Takkan lagi ku bersamamu~~~
Biar kusimpan semua~~~
Kenanganku bersamamu~~~

Such a nice song and voice of hers, I said.
Then Mr S said: The songs said it all that is in my heart right now! Let's go sing K! I looked at my watch. 11pm. Looked up and saw his sad face. "OK! Let's do it!" I remembered myself saying that.

[12 am] :

Tiada lagi yang kuharapkan~~~
Tiada lagi yang kuimpikan~~~
Biar aku sendiri tanpa dirimu~~~
Tiada lagi kata cintaku~~~
Takkan lagi ku bersamamu~~~
Biar kusimpan semua~~~
Kenanganku bersamamu~~~
[1 am] :
I'm not your superwoman...oh no no no!!!~~~
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
and think that everything is okay...
Boy I am only human...I'm only human!!!~~~
This girl needs more than occasional hugs
as a token of love from you to me...
My voice was as course as the sandpaper after that fucking superwoman duet with my friend...that was the ending song for the karaoke session...he seems to be happy least for that instance...

p/s: *This is week 3 after he got flied by his girlfriend. The 1st and 2nd outing at week no. 1 and no. 2, was still *manageable*...i am pretty sure there won't be a need for week no. 4.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

home.kawaai - room color selection

Having to move soon, new room. But the color looks dull. So i thought, what the heck, i'll just paint myself this time around. With paint as cheap as RM 1 per litre, there is no reason NOT to do it. Thanks to KANSAI paint + PAR paint. (Note: This is not a sponsored blogpost!)

This is color selection version no. 1

Looks like a toilet the longer i see it, so i switch design to version 2.
Version 2 seems to be a bit nicer i think, but too bad, paint not enough. Gotta do some site modifications. Hope no disaster. Damn tired now coz yesterday paint until 12am. Tomorrow finish the remaining i really know that painting is not as easy as it seems...

p/s: Thanks again to my housemate who works in KANSAI paint + PAR paint, without you, this surely won't be happening. Is the cheapest and best paint I have ever bought!

Monday, March 28, 2011

why no water? why~ why~ why?!!!

Have you ever tried to brush your teeth, wash your face, and shave at the washroom at your workplace, instead of doing it at home? I had tried mine today. Woke up, open tap no water, go back room, change clothes, off i go towards the lift and car park, with bad breath from the mouth, and unshaved fucking gross! No water to drink even...nabeh...

And now beside me is the Oral-B toothbrush, Fresh and White toothpaste and the Gillette razor packed in a plastic bag, and I am writing using my laptop at my workplace to vent the anger inside me...

Monday, March 21, 2011

my idea no 1 for apple apps: SnailMail

What is the difference between the olden days and now in terms of communication? People used to be sending each other snail mails. In the current days of so high tech-world that i live in now, people use sms lar, email lar, facebook lar, twitter lar, and even now the "what's up" thingy and even the new "pingChat" shown to me by one of my buddy the other night.

I agree that the current way of communication is way way faster(instant actually...) than those snail mails, but there is something that is still missing that is present in the low tech snail mail. Something is there in those snail mails that cannot be said, expressed, but it is there. And what the fuck is that that matters?

It's inside the word snail, which means slow and this converts to the meaning: you have to wait the other person to reply your mail, and then wait and wait and wait again for the mail to be sent by the postman or fed-ex guy through the skies and the sea and the vast land, only then reach into your mailbox. Which means one more thing: you got lots of time to guess what the other person is writing, what is the content etc etc. You mind start to imagine things that may happen, or may not happen, you start to imagine some silly things going on the other side of the world, you start to count on your calender how many days has passed since you mailed yours, and whether it has arrived or not...and all sorts of thoughts that can make you sleepless start to kick in, causing you to have panda eyes now and then...

Which converge to one more conclusion: That the "waiting" time is actually the most interesting part of the communication, because it makes you "wondering and guessing in the air" what the fuck is happening.

Conclusion: If i could just create an application that can send a message to the other sender, and it will LET THE OTHER SIDE KNOW that i have sent him / her a message, BUT the message can only be read on certain date or time of the year and thereafter. That means the receiver will have to wait for the stipulated time, before she knows of the content inside the mail. It would be so fucking interesting~~~

examples of how this is gonna be used:
--> you wish a person happy birthday 2 weeks beforehand...
--> you have done something that makes him/her angry, so angry that you'll get killed right away if you tell now, and you don't have to courage to tell right now, you send the mail now, and by the time she sees your mail, you're already out of danger zone.
--> i ran out of idea for the moment...give me some!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

TSUNAMi > iF it's TOO LatE...

Tsunami just happened yesterday in Japan. Seems to be scary.
I don't know whether this kinda thing will happen in Malaysia or not. Nobody can guarantee that.

The lucky ones are able to know early and escape.
But I believe many only realize it when it is happening in front of their eyes.

If it is too late, and you know it is REALLY too late to RUN, then the only way is to face it bravely...get hold of all your closest, go to the centre of the road...look up the sky...

p/s: deepest condolences to all the victims...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whai i learnt from "The Truman Show"

Just 30 minutes before I started to write this post, i had just finished watching the movie "The Truman Show", one of my favorites from Jim Carrey. There are many memorable scenes from the movie, but the one that really inspires me is the scene where he braved the storm and head towards his dream of getting to Fiji, the place where he believed he could find Sylvia, where he could be a freeman, out from his controlled world. And the bastard director Cristof said one thing that i think is very true : "We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented".

That is why sometimes when we were too immersed into something, we thought that is the only world that we have, because that is the only world that we see. But actually, things might be totally different out there! And it is worth to explore!

All said, it is time to get to my ship, and sail off tonight! case i don't see you, GOOD AFTERNOON, GOOD EVENING AND GOOD NIGHT! SMILE :) BOW FOR THANKS...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The home-feeL dish: TauFoo prawns

This recipe is superbly nice. The one dish that can give you the feel that you are back home, reaLLY back home. Sometimes I feel like i have wandered too far, and back home is where i want to be...

Wanna try? Here's the recipe.


1. Tofu(white)10 pcs standard small ones, cubed to 1/4" x 1/2" x 1/4".
2. One bunch of small prawns.
3. A little of pork, thinly sliced.
4. Garlic and Onions chopped and grated.
5. Coriander leaves.
6. Scallion / "chung".
7. Salt
8. Tapioca starch a little bit.


1. Peel off the skin for all the prawns, then set aside for use later.

2. Heat some oil in the wok.

3. Stir fry the garlic and onion mixture first.

4. Then put in the sliced pork. (You could skip putting pork if you want, is just a matter of preference).

5. Then put in the prawns.

6. Stir fry until everything is starting to get changed color.

7. Dump in the taufoo. Stir fry it, but be a bit careful not to smash the taufoo too much.

8. Put in the salt, a little bit of ajinomoto, and water so it floods it.

9. Close the lid so that it steams the tofu a bit.

10. One pinch of tapioca flour and mix with a bit water to create the thickened liquid. Open the lid and pour over it.

11. Put in the coriander leaves and the "chung".

12. Stir a bit, then quickly serve on a nice enclosed container / plate. Voila!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

home kawa-ii ideas and concept - window sill

1. Wooden table just beside the window opening.
2. Morning sunshine ray shining through, can see the glare from the side...with some dreamy effect.
3. Place to have tea and eat together for family and friends.
4. Kung-fu chairs maybe.
5. Under the window sill, should have some downlight, for creating the shadow effect, especially at night.
6. The window must be a bit well ventilated, so you can feel the light breeze blowing to your face, while you enjoy sipping the cup of oo-long tea...
7. If you have been to "sakae sushi" outlet, you will see that they have a hot water tap beside every table. It will be nice to have one also just below the window sill. Also can make some hidden compartment for chopsticks and cutleries below the window sill...the spotlight will make it even more pretty.
8. It will be nice if outside the window got some really nice scenery...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The difference between now and then...

Chinese new year 2011

On the days of CNY, you see no one on the street along your housing area...all you see is many cars parked by the house front, people just lay inside the house all doing their private things, away from the others. People are just content with watching TV, online, facebooking, or sleeping. Or simply said, is an environment of "you-do-your-thing, i-do-mine, don't-come-bother-me!!!. I would rather spend my time watching all the rubbish programmes and movies on ASTRO, or talk or play games on the stupid iphone, even surfing the net!"

CNY on 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s as told by some old folks i met.

Everyone will be spending their time OUTSIDE their house, not INSIDE. They'll sit under the tree in front of their house, under a bench, with children playing fire crackers by the roadside. The old folks will invite their friends to gather at someone's house, and start the talking cock sessions. The uncles will gather on another table next to the bench. From afar, you see that bunch of uncles similar to a bunch of ants assembling together on a hill of sugar. Then you hear the yelling of "Pee--caahhhh!" once in a while, followed by laughters. That, is the mini Genting Highland of the village.

the aunty is not missing out too, They too have their own gangs to play on mahjong...

the younger ones, will come out and play with all sorts of fire crackers. Some are so loud that it scares the hell out of everyone. The leftover debris from the fire crackers, red in color, could pile up on the floor until five to six inch thick...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was told the nemo fish only had 3 seconds of memory...

I went back to the house as usual that day, only to be informed by my house mate, that one of the two nemos has died (Nemo fish = clown fish). Reason? Overeating. Felt a sense of guilt. Coz the other day, I thought that a fish should eat a fair amount of fish feed, 3 times a day, like a`human should do. So, without anybody at home to do the feeding, i thought i should be the good i opened the cover, and sprinkled and sprinkled and sprinkled the fish feed into the aquarium...Eat more nemo! Eat more!

Then, it happens...

My house mate that day was not angry...he is ok. He just jokingly said..."Do you know that fish only has 3 seconds of memory? That means it can't remember what it did which is more than 3 seconds ago" "Huh?!! What?", I say.

THAT is why the fish can't recall whether it has eaten or not...he see there is fish feed, it continues to ear lor...

Then it comes to my mind, what happens if human also have a limited memory of 3 seconds only? Two conclusions. For those who has a lot of bad memories of the past which haunt them all this while, this is the perfect gift for them. But for those who has some really nice experiences of the past, this is just the worst curse anyone could get. I wish there is one scientist that could clone part of the fish brain and put it inside the human brain, to those who really needed it. Or maybe, an optional on-off button should come if for instance, i wanna forget this blardy conversation i am having now with this blardy asshole, i'll just switch to 'nemo' mode, only after the conversation, i'll switch back to normal mode...isn't this idea great?

BTW, what the fuck am i doing here? Why am i here?
Nabeh...i gotta switch to normal mode now...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yam cake (wu tao gou) recipe beta version

Finally today my mum showed me how she make the 'wu tao gou' a.k.a. '芋头糕' in Chinese. She said the last time she made it, it was long long time ago. Never mind, this will always be the best "wu tao gou" in my heart!

so here comes the recipe.

1. Yam 1 piece, the size of small sized mineral water bottle
2. Dried shrimps
3. Fish paste
4. Rice flour
5. Oil
6. Green scallion
7. Red Chili
8. Pork Oil (Saturated fat)
9. Grated garlic and onion

1. Take a yam and peel off the skin.
2. Cube it into 1/2 inch cubes and put aside.
3. Pork oil solids to be chopped finely.
4. Red chili to be sliced thinly
5. Put inside the chopped pork oil solids (1/2 portion) and stir fry until fragrant.
6. Then put in the cubed yam and continue to stir fry.
7. Add some seasonings i.e. salt, five spice powders, and ajinomoto if you are ok with it. Continue to stir fry.
8. Add water until the yam cubes are half submerged inside the water. Close the lid and wait for it to boil. The purpose is to soften the yam cubes.
9. Then, dish out and put inside a flat pan. By now, there should not be much water left.
10. Pour 1/2 soup spoonful of fish sauce into the pan and mix.
11. Scoop around 6 to 8 soup spoonful of rice flour into the pan and mix. (rice flour quantity depends really on how sticky you want it to be)
12. Add water to the mixture until the mixture is not sticky. Add some pork oil and and continue to stir and mix.
13. Get a steamer ready. Make sure the water is boiling inside before the pan is put inside.
14. Put the pan inside. Close the lid, and steam for around 20 minutes.
15. While waiting for the yam cake to cook, now you can start to prepare the toppings on the yam cake.
16. Heat the wok again with oil.
17. Stir fry the garlic and onion.
18. Put in the remaining chopped pork solids and stir fry. Then put in chopped
19. Put in the chopped dried shrimps.
20. Stir fry until it turns golden colour.
21. Dish out the toppings and put aside.
22. Check the yam cake whether is cooked or not by poking using chopsticks. The poked hole should be clear of water, indicating that it is cooked.
23. Then, sprinkle the toppings evenly on top of the yam cake, also sprinkle the red chili and green garnishes like scallion. Serve!