Sunday, February 27, 2011

The home-feeL dish: TauFoo prawns

This recipe is superbly nice. The one dish that can give you the feel that you are back home, reaLLY back home. Sometimes I feel like i have wandered too far, and back home is where i want to be...

Wanna try? Here's the recipe.


1. Tofu(white)10 pcs standard small ones, cubed to 1/4" x 1/2" x 1/4".
2. One bunch of small prawns.
3. A little of pork, thinly sliced.
4. Garlic and Onions chopped and grated.
5. Coriander leaves.
6. Scallion / "chung".
7. Salt
8. Tapioca starch a little bit.


1. Peel off the skin for all the prawns, then set aside for use later.

2. Heat some oil in the wok.

3. Stir fry the garlic and onion mixture first.

4. Then put in the sliced pork. (You could skip putting pork if you want, is just a matter of preference).

5. Then put in the prawns.

6. Stir fry until everything is starting to get changed color.

7. Dump in the taufoo. Stir fry it, but be a bit careful not to smash the taufoo too much.

8. Put in the salt, a little bit of ajinomoto, and water so it floods it.

9. Close the lid so that it steams the tofu a bit.

10. One pinch of tapioca flour and mix with a bit water to create the thickened liquid. Open the lid and pour over it.

11. Put in the coriander leaves and the "chung".

12. Stir a bit, then quickly serve on a nice enclosed container / plate. Voila!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

home kawa-ii ideas and concept - window sill

1. Wooden table just beside the window opening.
2. Morning sunshine ray shining through, can see the glare from the side...with some dreamy effect.
3. Place to have tea and eat together for family and friends.
4. Kung-fu chairs maybe.
5. Under the window sill, should have some downlight, for creating the shadow effect, especially at night.
6. The window must be a bit well ventilated, so you can feel the light breeze blowing to your face, while you enjoy sipping the cup of oo-long tea...
7. If you have been to "sakae sushi" outlet, you will see that they have a hot water tap beside every table. It will be nice to have one also just below the window sill. Also can make some hidden compartment for chopsticks and cutleries below the window sill...the spotlight will make it even more pretty.
8. It will be nice if outside the window got some really nice scenery...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The difference between now and then...

Chinese new year 2011

On the days of CNY, you see no one on the street along your housing area...all you see is many cars parked by the house front, people just lay inside the house all doing their private things, away from the others. People are just content with watching TV, online, facebooking, or sleeping. Or simply said, is an environment of "you-do-your-thing, i-do-mine, don't-come-bother-me!!!. I would rather spend my time watching all the rubbish programmes and movies on ASTRO, or talk or play games on the stupid iphone, even surfing the net!"

CNY on 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s as told by some old folks i met.

Everyone will be spending their time OUTSIDE their house, not INSIDE. They'll sit under the tree in front of their house, under a bench, with children playing fire crackers by the roadside. The old folks will invite their friends to gather at someone's house, and start the talking cock sessions. The uncles will gather on another table next to the bench. From afar, you see that bunch of uncles similar to a bunch of ants assembling together on a hill of sugar. Then you hear the yelling of "Pee--caahhhh!" once in a while, followed by laughters. That, is the mini Genting Highland of the village.

the aunty is not missing out too, They too have their own gangs to play on mahjong...

the younger ones, will come out and play with all sorts of fire crackers. Some are so loud that it scares the hell out of everyone. The leftover debris from the fire crackers, red in color, could pile up on the floor until five to six inch thick...