Friday, December 24, 2010

biTTer gourd fRieD eEGs reciPE...

I learnt some dishes today, and I want to record it down, so in case there is a need later, I will be able to retrieve this "pei kap" and use it.

1 piece of bitter gourd (find those that is not too green)
1 pc salty Egg = Hamdan
4 pcs chicken egg
Salt little bit

1. Cut the bitter gourd into half along the long axis.
2. Slice into thin layers, around 1 to 2 mm thick if possible.
3. Then sprinkle little bit of salt into the pan full of sliced bitter gourd.
4. In the meantime, take the salty egg and crack it open into a bowl.
5. Use a knife / spoon to smash the salty egg yolk into tiny bits.
6. Then crack open the 4 chicken eggs together, and stir until well mixed, then put aside.
7. Wash the sliced bitter gourd with water, and drain.
8. Heat the wok without oil.
9. Then throw inside the sliced bitter gourd. Stir fry until is starting to look dry.
10. Then add 1 to 2 spoonful of oil by the side in a circular motion. This is for the egg not to stick later.
11. Pour inside the eggs mixture.
12. Turn to low heat.
13. Turn the eggs over so that the other side is also cooked. Do not wait until the color become brown. Just turn and turn.
14. Serve.

I think the recipe is missing something. I need to find out what is that. Mum tells me there is a better version from the restaurant that has prawns, with some very delicious sauce too. Until then, this is the best that I know. biTTer gourd fRieD eEGs reciPE...Version 0.0

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thE ruSH (back) hOME...

Scenes of departure and arrival are common in the movies. The most nostalgic ones are either in the scene at the harbor or the train station. SAD is when you have to see your closed ones leaving, and HAPPY is when you see you see them coming back home.

In a matter of days, this scene will realize...and it will be the HAPPY part...coz i am going home. No more sand, no more 50 deg Cel, no more stupid sohai ppl, no more stupid flies, no more... no more!

All that is coming will be a beautiful land, with beautiful trees, beautiful leng-luis, and many many good things back home! Oh-yeah!!!

#1: the scene
family and loved ones, some waiving to say goodbye, some waiting in excitement for the arrival, after a long long long time away...finally reunited! hooray! :)

#2: this scene seems just too familiar...

i wanna do this one time...