Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 PhRAsES i hEaR mOSt thESE fEW wEEks…

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
[Basically now it has just been changed to : an orange a days keeps the doctor away]

2. Hello, lei hou mou? Hahahah...hihihi...huhuhu...ermm...ermm...errm...muack! muack! goodnite...bye bye.
[Ooi!!! I don't have a QC3, with the noise cancelling function you know? I just have a RM30 ciplak earphone...]

3. Sam! I have an issue with XXX, can we have a meeting to talk about this?
[Yea yea yea...there is always something you wanna talk...]

4. We want QUALITY!
[Yea yea yea...that is just another way of you saying..."I'm gonna bulldoze anyway, and don't you get in my way!"]

5. Sam! Can you please follow up on this?
[You fucker! This is supposed to be your shit!]

6. Insyaallah...
[Another word for "I won't give you"]

7. Carrefour, fish market, al jazera.
[When all you can ever go in the weekend is these so few places...BTW, weekend is only one day here, not two.]

8. Mama
[Love you]

9. Speedtouch
[Also love you. Sorry for having Mama as a backup, just in case. You'll always be my first love.]

10. It's Friday!
[Now I know where T.G.I. Friday got it's name.]

Today want to cook what?
[Never ending question, or problem. Basically I have run out of answers liao]