Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was told the nemo fish only had 3 seconds of memory...

I went back to the house as usual that day, only to be informed by my house mate, that one of the two nemos has died (Nemo fish = clown fish). Reason? Overeating. Felt a sense of guilt. Coz the other day, I thought that a fish should eat a fair amount of fish feed, 3 times a day, like a`human should do. So, without anybody at home to do the feeding, i thought i should be the good i opened the cover, and sprinkled and sprinkled and sprinkled the fish feed into the aquarium...Eat more nemo! Eat more!

Then, it happens...

My house mate that day was not angry...he is ok. He just jokingly said..."Do you know that fish only has 3 seconds of memory? That means it can't remember what it did which is more than 3 seconds ago" "Huh?!! What?", I say.

THAT is why the fish can't recall whether it has eaten or not...he see there is fish feed, it continues to ear lor...

Then it comes to my mind, what happens if human also have a limited memory of 3 seconds only? Two conclusions. For those who has a lot of bad memories of the past which haunt them all this while, this is the perfect gift for them. But for those who has some really nice experiences of the past, this is just the worst curse anyone could get. I wish there is one scientist that could clone part of the fish brain and put it inside the human brain, to those who really needed it. Or maybe, an optional on-off button should come if for instance, i wanna forget this blardy conversation i am having now with this blardy asshole, i'll just switch to 'nemo' mode, only after the conversation, i'll switch back to normal mode...isn't this idea great?

BTW, what the fuck am i doing here? Why am i here?
Nabeh...i gotta switch to normal mode now...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yam cake (wu tao gou) recipe beta version

Finally today my mum showed me how she make the 'wu tao gou' a.k.a. '芋头糕' in Chinese. She said the last time she made it, it was long long time ago. Never mind, this will always be the best "wu tao gou" in my heart!

so here comes the recipe.

1. Yam 1 piece, the size of small sized mineral water bottle
2. Dried shrimps
3. Fish paste
4. Rice flour
5. Oil
6. Green scallion
7. Red Chili
8. Pork Oil (Saturated fat)
9. Grated garlic and onion

1. Take a yam and peel off the skin.
2. Cube it into 1/2 inch cubes and put aside.
3. Pork oil solids to be chopped finely.
4. Red chili to be sliced thinly
5. Put inside the chopped pork oil solids (1/2 portion) and stir fry until fragrant.
6. Then put in the cubed yam and continue to stir fry.
7. Add some seasonings i.e. salt, five spice powders, and ajinomoto if you are ok with it. Continue to stir fry.
8. Add water until the yam cubes are half submerged inside the water. Close the lid and wait for it to boil. The purpose is to soften the yam cubes.
9. Then, dish out and put inside a flat pan. By now, there should not be much water left.
10. Pour 1/2 soup spoonful of fish sauce into the pan and mix.
11. Scoop around 6 to 8 soup spoonful of rice flour into the pan and mix. (rice flour quantity depends really on how sticky you want it to be)
12. Add water to the mixture until the mixture is not sticky. Add some pork oil and and continue to stir and mix.
13. Get a steamer ready. Make sure the water is boiling inside before the pan is put inside.
14. Put the pan inside. Close the lid, and steam for around 20 minutes.
15. While waiting for the yam cake to cook, now you can start to prepare the toppings on the yam cake.
16. Heat the wok again with oil.
17. Stir fry the garlic and onion.
18. Put in the remaining chopped pork solids and stir fry. Then put in chopped
19. Put in the chopped dried shrimps.
20. Stir fry until it turns golden colour.
21. Dish out the toppings and put aside.
22. Check the yam cake whether is cooked or not by poking using chopsticks. The poked hole should be clear of water, indicating that it is cooked.
23. Then, sprinkle the toppings evenly on top of the yam cake, also sprinkle the red chili and green garnishes like scallion. Serve!