Sunday, August 21, 2011

life is like a box of chocolates!

Have you ever watched "Forrest Gump"?
If you haven't, go watch it. Now. I don't care if you go download legally or illegally, youtube or whatever, just go watch it.

So, there is this one sentence Forrest Gump (Tom hanks) says which is always puzzling me. He says "Life is like a box of chocolates". Unable to understand for a few years, and never really took the trouble to look for the answer. But today, i don't know why. A sudden blink in the braincell, and i got the idea of asking in "Yahoo answers". In 20 minutes, I got 8 replies already! So fucking damn fast!

all the replies are shown below...

I totally understand it now. By the way, chocolates in Malaysia are so so so BORING! All is the same flavour...and is different than the rest of the world. Coz BolehLAnd...

Questions i ask :

Life is like a box of chocolate. What does this really means?
And how to relate it with chocolate?
I saw the Forrest Gump, a very nice movie...

Answers i got :

☠ Brick walls mouth off to me ☠
You never know what youre gonna get.
26 minutes ago

Bobby Hill
Uhhhh Ive Heard That Lots Of Times........They Even Say That In Movies
26 minutes ago

Rachel Leigh
it means you don't have a Destiney and you never know what your going to get
26 minutes ago

In some boxes of chocolate, there are many different flavors. If you pick a random one, you dont know what your gonna get:)
25 minutes ago

french toast
Originally (and maybe still, if it's decorated classically) boxes of chocolate were just that; a most likely red box would be opened and there would be an assortment of chocolates, unlabeled, so maybe you'll grab one that's milk chocolate or dark chocolate or caramel filled etc. So basically a lot in life is unexpected.
Was this a serious question?
22 minutes ago

I mean he SAYS "you never know whatcha gonna get" but that aside I always thought it meant "Everything looks the same until you bite into it and find a surprise" sort of "don't judge a book by it's cover" quote. It can mean anything people bend it into though.
21 minutes ago

I suck at usernames
Life is like a box of never know what you are going to get.
There are some chocolate boxes with many chocolates and they all look the same but when you eat them you sometimes get marshmallow, jelly, caramel, hazelnut or just plain chocolate. And most of the time, you didn't expect it. This would happen to me, I would always want the chocolaty plain ones but ended up with the yucky hard coconut ones. That is how its relevant. Nowadays most chocolate brands have pictures and labels showing which is which and the ingredients inside them.
Edited 11 minutes ago

THAT guy
It basically means you make blind decisions in life without really knowing the outcome. You choose a chocolate from the box, you don't know what's on the inside of it. You make a decision in life, and even though it was your choice, you really don't know what it will lead to.
11 minutes ago

Thursday, August 18, 2011

don't call me today

If you're calling me on the phone today, and is puzzled why i did not picked up the phone even though the ringtone has lasted like forever, don't be mad. Reason is simple. I left my phone back home.

The feeling is good. PEACEFUL is the best word to describe it. Don't you think that we sometimes were simply over-connected? Facebook lar, twitter lar, email lar, iphone lar, msn lar, skype lar, and many many other lar. Which comes to the question of really how did the people 100 years before today used to call each other. The best was the fixed public phone which only available scarcely in the big towns. The other was the snail mail. And looking back, i don't think people those days are feeling unable to connect to each other. In fact i think people really connect on a much deeper level those days. Well, at least they don't text each other even though that person is sitting right beside you. They'll really have a conversation, face to face. And they laugh, they smile in real-time, not like this :) or like this :> or like this :]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the 3 steps towards happiness and wealth

today about a few hours ago, me and my housemates were having dinner over the table. And this housemate of mine, let's say "F", said he heard his colleague told him this a while ago. So this colleague of "F" who happens to go to some sort of motivational class / course by this one guru, shares with "F" what he learnt. Of all he learnt, it could be summarized into only 3 steps. Once he says this, i was thinking that if this thing really works, then there is no need for us to buy those motivational books with 1 to 2 inches thick, some even thousands of pages...with those small small fonts! If this thing really works...NO, it can't be true! But What The Hell! What is there to lose to know what he has to say? Becoming impatient, i told "F" to spit it out right away!

Step 1
You must LAUGH every day, any occasion, any chance that you have that you could find in your daily lives. JusT LAUGH! :) you see your mother, you laugh! you see your father you laugh! you see your girlfriend, you laugh! you see your enemy you laugh! you see the car you laugh! you see the cat, you laugh! you see the dog you laugh! you see the bird, you laugh too! Even if you see the "hamdai" also you laugh!!!

Step 2
You must make sure that you live in a super clean and orderly environment. Keep your table, workstation, your bed, your room and even yourself clean, at all times! When he said that, i was already thinking about the fact that i haven't mopped the floor in my room for weeks! EEEKKK!

Step 3
You must treat yourself damn fucking good. "F" said our body is something that is closest to us, and if we treat her as rubbish, rubbish will come out, if we treat the body good, it will also produce good results! In other words, spend on yourself! Eat good food like those bird nest, wear only LV or PRADA or HERMES or BURBERRY. That is all.

Immediately after the conversation the first thing i did was to do Step 2. Right after cleaning my room for about an hour, i do really feel damn fucking good. I don't know why, it just felt right. So from here i deduced that i must continue to list down and to do anything that will make me feel good after doing it. I remembered swimming was one of it. So that counts too.

About the Step 1, i think i just have to work on it more. Step 3 is EASY....i'll just "loooook" my credit card and it will be done before i even realize it.

So, any takers out there who wanna try this 3 steps? Wanna become the white mouse? Come! when you are practicing Step 3, count me in!