Monday, November 29, 2010

how I vent my aNGeR...

Sometimes shit do happens, and there are times when the whole mind is filled with hot that the blood can boil off on its own. And more often than not, the ones that we love and care is always the one to get burnt by the fire...

Emotion is hard to control. To shut off emotion is like to put a plug to a compressed tank. Anger = Energy. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be converted to other forms.

Below are my current ways of venting the anger in me

1. Throw things
2. Fuck (in words) of anyone who gets near me
3. Repeat the above until all the energy is used up

I am now compiling a list of ways to harness that sudden burst of nuclear power within, for the greater good. I hope i can remember this at the time of need.

1. go to take a long shower
2. get out from the place far away from those that may get burned for at least 1 hour
3. go swimming
4. clean up the house
5. go make a nice dish that needs a lot of hard work like kneading a dough for bread.
6. sketch or write out in paper.
7. sleep
8. run, SAM, run!!!
9. go to somewhere cold, really cold...

Friday, November 26, 2010

a funny discovery!

While Isaac Newton who made a great DISCOVERY regarding the law of physics when he was hit by an apple under the tree, I, today had made an even greater DISCOVERY while having a pee. The DISCOVERY, the conclusion is this:


In the country where i am living since i was born, it is very very very difficult to even touch a FLY. Man's speed is just too slow to catch or worse still, pee on them. That is why slapstick has to be used if you were to really wanna smack them. And you even has to be very good at it to make it works.

But today, during my pee session at the site office today, I noticed that the flies here are very slow motion. It's either they were too fat and too heavy, or maybe they are just too damn lazy to budge. They seemed like not care at all what is happening around them. And hence, pee was poured on them. I did not mean to do so...i am so sorry, but at the very least you can fly away mah! Why your reaction so damn slow one?!!

Then, right at the blink of a second, something come to my mind. The attitude and the reaction time of the pee-ed fly, seems to be very much the same to the working contractors here in general. This do not apply to everyone, but only to the large percentage of people here. I am so sorry if i made such a strong remark here, but i really BEH TAHAN liao. KNN, how the hell can you do business like this way? Just waiting for me to call you, to chase you, to fuck you and to fuck you again, then only you start to do something! Ceebai, if you are in my country you "zhar dou" also cannot ar!

Hence that explains why i can't pee on the flies in my home country, but can do it here right now. I believe that if I were to do it in some advanced countries such as USA, Japan, Korea or China, the probability of peeing on the flies there would be close to zero.

The above hypothesis is supposed to have a very high level of confidence. If you don't believe it, try to do it yourself, and if possible let me know the result.

BTW, next time if a fly here goes to stick on your food, i will have to stop eating it already, coz if you continue, you will maybe eat inside together with many pee from the stupid ppl here, which i believe will make your intelligence level coming closer and closer to 0.

p/s: pease don't take too seriously of what i rant here. Nothing political or racist. Just pure 'kek sam', can't find any other way to release the tension...please forgive me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dish name - limited edition version 2

pork ribs 1 kg
rice 4 mugs
mixed beans, carrots shredded 100g
egg 3 nos
dry red chili 10g
big red onion 4 pcs shredded
small red onion
chili/curry powder 5 tbsp
soy sauce 3 tbsp
dark soy sauce - a bit
salt - sprinkle until enough
sugar - little bit less than salt amount
five spice powder - 1/2 tbsp

1. Chop the pork ribs into small pieces, not too small, around 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide each

2. Boil the water in a deep pan.

3. While waiting water to boil, wash the rice and start to cook the rice. Less water than the usual, coz the water content to be kept a bit low. The rice should be a bit hard, not too soft.

4. Cut the garlic and small onion and put aside.

5. When water starts boiling, "FLY" the pork ribs into the hot water for 20 to 30 seconds to remove the smell and to tender the meat.

6. Take the meat out and put aside, drain out the water.

7. Oil the deep pan / wok. Let it heat until very hot.

8. Slide in all the pork ribs in. Smoke and fire may ignite on top of the pan like a campfire, but fear not, it wont last long.

9. Spread all the ribs across the pan evenly. Do not stir. Wait until the underside becomes brown and medium burnt.

10. Flip over the ribs one by one to ensure all ribs surface are not left uncooked.

11. Stir fry for 1 minute to ensure all surface are evenly browned.

12. Take out the ribs onto a plate, and drain out the excess oil.

13. Oil the wok again, heat it up, and put in the shredded small onion and garlic.

14. When aroma come out, before it is burnt, put in the ribs, stir fry.

15. Sprinkle inside all the shredded big onions, carrots, beans, chili and stir fry for a while.

16. Season with salt, sugar, pepper, black soy sauce, five spice powder and the chilli powder.

17. Then put in water bit by bit and continue to stir fry.

18. Dump in a bowl of water, enough to cover 3/4 of the meat. Wait for it to boil and then close the lid.

19. The while thing will boil off the water, when 80% of the water level has boiled off, remove the lid and stir again.

20. At the same time fry 3 wallet eggs and set aside using a small pan.

21. By this time the rice should have cooked, open the cover, and scrap the rice.

22. Transfer all the pork ribs together with the sauce and the wallet eggs into the rice cooker.

23. Mix and mix with the rice evenly.

24. Close the rice cooker's lid and go to take a bath for 20 minutes.

25. Turn off the rice cooker, and take out the bowl and serve on the table.

26. Enjoy the food!

27. LIMITED edition version 2 is complete!

Note: Do not cook this for the next 1/2 year coz this is a limited edition after all. I mean, what's the point of naming it this way if it is not LIMITED?