Friday, December 24, 2010

biTTer gourd fRieD eEGs reciPE...

I learnt some dishes today, and I want to record it down, so in case there is a need later, I will be able to retrieve this "pei kap" and use it.

1 piece of bitter gourd (find those that is not too green)
1 pc salty Egg = Hamdan
4 pcs chicken egg
Salt little bit

1. Cut the bitter gourd into half along the long axis.
2. Slice into thin layers, around 1 to 2 mm thick if possible.
3. Then sprinkle little bit of salt into the pan full of sliced bitter gourd.
4. In the meantime, take the salty egg and crack it open into a bowl.
5. Use a knife / spoon to smash the salty egg yolk into tiny bits.
6. Then crack open the 4 chicken eggs together, and stir until well mixed, then put aside.
7. Wash the sliced bitter gourd with water, and drain.
8. Heat the wok without oil.
9. Then throw inside the sliced bitter gourd. Stir fry until is starting to look dry.
10. Then add 1 to 2 spoonful of oil by the side in a circular motion. This is for the egg not to stick later.
11. Pour inside the eggs mixture.
12. Turn to low heat.
13. Turn the eggs over so that the other side is also cooked. Do not wait until the color become brown. Just turn and turn.
14. Serve.

I think the recipe is missing something. I need to find out what is that. Mum tells me there is a better version from the restaurant that has prawns, with some very delicious sauce too. Until then, this is the best that I know. biTTer gourd fRieD eEGs reciPE...Version 0.0

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thE ruSH (back) hOME...

Scenes of departure and arrival are common in the movies. The most nostalgic ones are either in the scene at the harbor or the train station. SAD is when you have to see your closed ones leaving, and HAPPY is when you see you see them coming back home.

In a matter of days, this scene will realize...and it will be the HAPPY part...coz i am going home. No more sand, no more 50 deg Cel, no more stupid sohai ppl, no more stupid flies, no more... no more!

All that is coming will be a beautiful land, with beautiful trees, beautiful leng-luis, and many many good things back home! Oh-yeah!!!

#1: the scene
family and loved ones, some waiving to say goodbye, some waiting in excitement for the arrival, after a long long long time away...finally reunited! hooray! :)

#2: this scene seems just too familiar...

i wanna do this one time...

Monday, November 29, 2010

how I vent my aNGeR...

Sometimes shit do happens, and there are times when the whole mind is filled with hot that the blood can boil off on its own. And more often than not, the ones that we love and care is always the one to get burnt by the fire...

Emotion is hard to control. To shut off emotion is like to put a plug to a compressed tank. Anger = Energy. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be converted to other forms.

Below are my current ways of venting the anger in me

1. Throw things
2. Fuck (in words) of anyone who gets near me
3. Repeat the above until all the energy is used up

I am now compiling a list of ways to harness that sudden burst of nuclear power within, for the greater good. I hope i can remember this at the time of need.

1. go to take a long shower
2. get out from the place far away from those that may get burned for at least 1 hour
3. go swimming
4. clean up the house
5. go make a nice dish that needs a lot of hard work like kneading a dough for bread.
6. sketch or write out in paper.
7. sleep
8. run, SAM, run!!!
9. go to somewhere cold, really cold...

Friday, November 26, 2010

a funny discovery!

While Isaac Newton who made a great DISCOVERY regarding the law of physics when he was hit by an apple under the tree, I, today had made an even greater DISCOVERY while having a pee. The DISCOVERY, the conclusion is this:


In the country where i am living since i was born, it is very very very difficult to even touch a FLY. Man's speed is just too slow to catch or worse still, pee on them. That is why slapstick has to be used if you were to really wanna smack them. And you even has to be very good at it to make it works.

But today, during my pee session at the site office today, I noticed that the flies here are very slow motion. It's either they were too fat and too heavy, or maybe they are just too damn lazy to budge. They seemed like not care at all what is happening around them. And hence, pee was poured on them. I did not mean to do so...i am so sorry, but at the very least you can fly away mah! Why your reaction so damn slow one?!!

Then, right at the blink of a second, something come to my mind. The attitude and the reaction time of the pee-ed fly, seems to be very much the same to the working contractors here in general. This do not apply to everyone, but only to the large percentage of people here. I am so sorry if i made such a strong remark here, but i really BEH TAHAN liao. KNN, how the hell can you do business like this way? Just waiting for me to call you, to chase you, to fuck you and to fuck you again, then only you start to do something! Ceebai, if you are in my country you "zhar dou" also cannot ar!

Hence that explains why i can't pee on the flies in my home country, but can do it here right now. I believe that if I were to do it in some advanced countries such as USA, Japan, Korea or China, the probability of peeing on the flies there would be close to zero.

The above hypothesis is supposed to have a very high level of confidence. If you don't believe it, try to do it yourself, and if possible let me know the result.

BTW, next time if a fly here goes to stick on your food, i will have to stop eating it already, coz if you continue, you will maybe eat inside together with many pee from the stupid ppl here, which i believe will make your intelligence level coming closer and closer to 0.

p/s: pease don't take too seriously of what i rant here. Nothing political or racist. Just pure 'kek sam', can't find any other way to release the tension...please forgive me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dish name - limited edition version 2

pork ribs 1 kg
rice 4 mugs
mixed beans, carrots shredded 100g
egg 3 nos
dry red chili 10g
big red onion 4 pcs shredded
small red onion
chili/curry powder 5 tbsp
soy sauce 3 tbsp
dark soy sauce - a bit
salt - sprinkle until enough
sugar - little bit less than salt amount
five spice powder - 1/2 tbsp

1. Chop the pork ribs into small pieces, not too small, around 1 inch long by 3/4 inch wide each

2. Boil the water in a deep pan.

3. While waiting water to boil, wash the rice and start to cook the rice. Less water than the usual, coz the water content to be kept a bit low. The rice should be a bit hard, not too soft.

4. Cut the garlic and small onion and put aside.

5. When water starts boiling, "FLY" the pork ribs into the hot water for 20 to 30 seconds to remove the smell and to tender the meat.

6. Take the meat out and put aside, drain out the water.

7. Oil the deep pan / wok. Let it heat until very hot.

8. Slide in all the pork ribs in. Smoke and fire may ignite on top of the pan like a campfire, but fear not, it wont last long.

9. Spread all the ribs across the pan evenly. Do not stir. Wait until the underside becomes brown and medium burnt.

10. Flip over the ribs one by one to ensure all ribs surface are not left uncooked.

11. Stir fry for 1 minute to ensure all surface are evenly browned.

12. Take out the ribs onto a plate, and drain out the excess oil.

13. Oil the wok again, heat it up, and put in the shredded small onion and garlic.

14. When aroma come out, before it is burnt, put in the ribs, stir fry.

15. Sprinkle inside all the shredded big onions, carrots, beans, chili and stir fry for a while.

16. Season with salt, sugar, pepper, black soy sauce, five spice powder and the chilli powder.

17. Then put in water bit by bit and continue to stir fry.

18. Dump in a bowl of water, enough to cover 3/4 of the meat. Wait for it to boil and then close the lid.

19. The while thing will boil off the water, when 80% of the water level has boiled off, remove the lid and stir again.

20. At the same time fry 3 wallet eggs and set aside using a small pan.

21. By this time the rice should have cooked, open the cover, and scrap the rice.

22. Transfer all the pork ribs together with the sauce and the wallet eggs into the rice cooker.

23. Mix and mix with the rice evenly.

24. Close the rice cooker's lid and go to take a bath for 20 minutes.

25. Turn off the rice cooker, and take out the bowl and serve on the table.

26. Enjoy the food!

27. LIMITED edition version 2 is complete!

Note: Do not cook this for the next 1/2 year coz this is a limited edition after all. I mean, what's the point of naming it this way if it is not LIMITED?

Monday, October 18, 2010

what i got after i saw the movie...

i just saw tis movie called "ais kacang puppy love". i just regretted that i did not watch this in the cinema, coz i think the effect will surely be more deep and profound. Just missed it. Ceebai. Never mind. I still got 70% of the effect.

The movie, according to my standard, which is a bit higher than average people, is a good one. No lar, to say is a good one is a bit too stingy. I shall say is a fucking good movie! It has been very long time since i saw one that has given me this kinda feeling. With so many rubbish movies coming out all these years due partly to piracy esp the HK movies, this is the single one that really caught me by surprise!

some actors are still acting like shit, talking like shit, it's like reading a book when they speak...but i dunno why, these suddenly become less important. What is more exciting is the storyline and the drama between the few main characters. there a too many scenes where there is a good deal we can learn from. And it just feel so true...

i just wanna share a few that i could remember right now

1. there is this guy who is eldest son of a coffee shop boss who always blame others for not achieving in life. And the only thing he is good at is to talk and talk and talk. No action at all. Then after some lecture by lee sin jie, he finally realised his mistake. He knows what he want to achieve, and most importantly, he stopped talking rubbish. He began to talk only those that matters, and he finally put into action his words. Bravo!

2. there is this old man who frequents the coffee shop, and is like a transparent glass to everyone, coz nobody seems to notice him, especially this michael wong guitarist. At one part of the movie, this man leaves the mortal world, and right at that scene where all the coffee shop mates saw the coffin car pass by, someone just say that life is short and we should do whatever we wanted to do or achieve in life. Wait for what? Ceebai, this one really hit me direct!

3. another scene where lee sinjie went to penang to look for his fucking gambling dad, and found out what a jerk he is, and finally she realise that all that perception she has about her mother was wrong. She made a phone call and apologise to her mum over the phone, before hugging the public phone and crying there. THAT scene was really something,...i mean really touching and good...

3. the most memorable scene would be that of the sohai ah niu who finally realises that his only last chance of meeting lee sinjie would going to diminish if he do nothing, and then he cycle all the way to the bus station, buy a packet of red bean ais kacang on the way, got hit by the bike (this scene is terrific!), then finally reach the station and got hit AGAIN by the bus. (Ceebai, if hit like this still not die???). Then lee sinjie came out from the bus, but this ah niu is somehow holding back himself to express his love for her. At this point, i feel like i wanted to jump into the scene and wacked ah niu kau kau, smack him right in the face. Dunno why, just have the urge la. And this scene again shows that "after suzhou, there is no more ship!". Suddenly i just feel lost...dunno why...why why why???? The chance is in his hand just for that very moment, and he let it go just like that. Suddenly, i feel like this "letting go of the only chance" was so true in all my life so far. i believe it is true for many people out there too.

so i hope these few scenes will serve as a reminder to me and you, that once chance flied away, will never come back, and it's just split second where the chance will exist. Wait for what??? WAIT FOR WHAT???? LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT TO WAIT!

p/s: for those of you who do not know what i am talking about, please go and buy this DVD. It's worth the money. Link here -->

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's NOT people don't give you CHANCE, it's YOU that don't give yourself a chance!

tOdaY, i have learnt something. Something that is happening right in front of my eyes.

I saw Mr Tall today. Mr Tall got a stroke couple of years back, and he has got problem with walking and coordination since then. And today is the wedding dinner of one of his friend's son. He was invited to the dinner. Even having walking difficulty, he still went to the dinner. He must be thinking that it is an honor to get invited, so he attended. But for the whole night, he speak not even a word. He walked past his long time buddies, he dared not look them in the eyes, he just walked past them, without even greeting them, without even saying a word. His buddies were surprised. Some were feeling disturbed. Some understood what is happening. Mr Tall must be feeling too humiliated and having no face to see his buddies. In fact he has been behaving like this ever since he got the stroke. Mr Tall must be thinking that no one want to care about him anymore, or maybe his buddies will make fun of him.

Whatever the reason, I can say that ALL his buddies don't want to see him like this. They wanna see a happy, smiling, confident, and talkative Mr Tall as he always is before this, even the one with a stroke. I know it is saddening, heart breaking and humiliating to have problem like this, but the least that can be done is to TRY to live as happy as possible with what you have left. Agonizing over it only makes things worse. It feels bad on yourself, it feels even worse on your buddies. YOUR BUDDIES WANT TO HELP YOU, BUT THEY COULD ONLY DO SO IF YOU ARE WILLING TO LET THEM HELP YOU! THEY WANT TO SEE YOU HAPPY!!! THEY WANT TO SEE YOU BEAMING WITH CONFIDENCE AND SMILING LIKE A CHILD!!! AND THEY WON'T FUCK CARE WHATEVER PROBLEM THAT IS TROUBLING YOU AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY!!! Then it comes to me this conclusion:



Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today onwards, for the next 2 weeks, will only be bread for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and for supper too. No others...just bread. All the cooks has quit becoming cooks, and what is left is just 2 burnt-out cooks that just got too tired of cooking in this month of Ramadhan.
So, everyday I will say hie to the bakery shop ownner. And BTW, Baskin robbins is just a few shops next to it. I DO THINK ice cream with bread will be a GREAT combination, don't you think?

Monday, August 23, 2010

HoUSE no. 22

This is House no. 22
The tenants of House no. 22, and what they are doing at the time of writing.

house no. 22

Tenant #1: SH chai
Currently doing:
Facebooking, searching each and every youtube video of "Gee". The part he liked most is the ass moving part. Initially, he was searching for the guitar tabs for "Gee", dunno why he deviate. Anyway, he succeeded in playing the song on his new baby guitar. His fingers can't climb tree yet, but soon will be.

Tenant #2: Sam chai
Warren buffett, warren buffett, and warren buffett. The book was bought over from Toh chai. 700+ pages and still havent finish half. When he get bored of reading, he "harvest the moon". Just now. he was searching for the ice cream recipe, and Cheong chai agrees to be joining in the fun. Ho po lui char version 3 is gonna come out soon also...

Tenant #3: Toh chai
I don't really know what he is doing all this while, coz he guards his privacy as good as guarding his virginity. When i go to the toilet once in a while, i passes by his room, i see him on his QC3headphone, him facing his laptop, sometimes smiling, sometimes face blank, sometimes laughing to himself!!?? He no need to eat. No need to drink. Just give him a laptop and internet, he can survive already. FB is his diary. He use FB as a MSN replacemet. And if you want him to eat dinner, just shut off the internet.

Tenant #4: Ding chai
His bed is here, but the person is not here now. He not died, he just disappear for a few weeks. Same character as Toh chai in terms of FB and internet dependency, but this guy talk a bit more. His golden phrase is "CiaW TaK Jorrr!" But talk is 108, do wohhh....I CUT!

Tenant #5: Wenpin chai
No internet sure die also for him. But what differentiate him from the other 2 in his room is his SKILL of sleeping. He can SLEEP and ONLINE simultaneously, WITH THE LAPTOP ON HIS CHEST NEVER SLIP, OR EVEN DROPPED. He should be the only person who can do it. Sometimes he'll come over to Sam chai room and say "HOU SIEN ARRRRR!!!". Half an hour ago, he just did that.

Tenant #6: Cheong chai
First thing he do is to connect to SKYPE, and talk to his son. No wastage of time FB. Sleep the earliest among all, and earliest to wake up. BTW, i think he sleep liao already at the time of writing.

Tenant #7: Kang chai
All he do is SLEEP...then wake up at night and become the ghost. But this ghost likes to karaoke in the bathroom, living room, and his room. Sometimes play the Romance of 3 kingdom to pass time.

Basically, all tenant has got own way of passing his time in house no.22. Everyone is SIEN most of the time, but I don't think we will have to suffer long. It is already TIME TO END. IT HAS TO END ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

[ you see what SH chai and sam chai doing? You see our kitchen how BIG??? And the kitchen floor, who to MOP??? ]

[ this room if no internet, will die one... ]

[ F04... F04... F04... i still left 1 brief only still wanna F04! ]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i am moving…mY bLog

All people, I have an announcement to make. I am going to move my current blog to blogger here at starting from now. In another 2 months, this site, this domain, this layout will no longer available for viewing. But worry not, coz i have been trying to replicate all the posts into this new place.

To mark the moving of the blog, with a different layout, I need to save the printscreen of the old and new blog. This will serve as a memory for me, or maybe you.

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.

The reason to move > I found that what I wanted to do is 99% available in a free blog out there, and there seems to be more customization available nowadays, compared with limited functions those days. Nevertheless, owning a private hosted website still offer far more value than a free blog, it is only that I have been underutilized it all this while. It should be for people with many readers and full fledge website, not some sMaLL fLY like me. So, Mr weBHost, thanks for all the quick and good support for the last 3 years, it's greatly appreciated. Your service is good, and the price is one of the cheapest i can find in Malaysia. Just want to let you know it is NOT your fault. By the way, i am hosting it on all this while, for those who is interested, just go there and check for yourself. Value for money, nice service. Enough said. If there is another chance of me to require a webhost in the future, it's surely YOU.

And i would like to thank all who drop comments, and i am sorry for making so few posts. I must make more posts!
And as i always say, i will make this blog a better one!

p/s: those who want to make comments can make it at my new blog at

Last word, BYE-BYE...but then HELLO again!

Friday, June 4, 2010

veGeTariAN OyStER sAuCE!

I do have one colleague of mine who has this super-duper-healthy-conscious-eating habits. There will never be too little SALT. There will never be too little SUGAR. And AJINOMOTO is prohibited when cooking. Not even those fish and chicken seasoning is allowed. BELACAN will be a total no-no. Coz he say is very very dirty. I could still accept all that. But there is just that ONE thing that makes me really MAD at him. That is the VEGETARIAN oyster sauce. He insisted on cooking using that one instead of the normal oyster sauce. How on earth can an oyster sauce be vegetarian?

How is it possible, that an oyster, which i think is NOT a vegetable, be turned into a VEGETABLE, and packaged into a bottle and sold as oyster sauce? Or is it that thoSE sPEciaL oysters, only eat nothing but vegetables down the sea bed?

Or is it POSSIBLE that somehow man has created an alternative flaVouR from cheMICAL that exactly matches the one of an oysTER? Or mAybE it is possible that the chemical somehow is also derived from the natural oySTER itself?

Any of the possibilities above are a lot more scarier than taking beLACANs combined with ajiNOMOTO and mixed together as a seasoning cocktail. Hence, the next time I see him doing it aGAIN (putting the vegetarian oyster sauce into the dishes), I'll grab it and throw it back to his fACE. And i'll make sure the next morning when he wake up in his bed, he'll be surrounded by hills and hills of oysters by his side...nabeh...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the days are getting bLuurrrr…

I don't know what to say anymore. Days are getting BluURRReR by the minute. I can't even recall each morning what day it is of the week, let alone the date itself. Time really got wings one. I can't believe that it already has been 3 months since New Year. I have been smoking sand particles for tHAT long already. horraY!

I haTE myself, for not having a DEFINITE dream in my mind. And i felt that i am not being in control of my life at all. It seems like i am one of the SLAVE in the world of MATRIX, where MATRIX is the imaginary world created by the POWERFUL to blind us from the TRUTH in order to USE us to realize THEIR own dreams. The more I watch the Matrix, the more I feel I am NEO.

Morpheus! Hand me the RED PILL now! Yea! NOW!

Excuse me...I wanna curse lioa...CHAO ZEE BYE!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


00:23:15,977 --> 00:23:17,978
We don't have time for 20 Questions.

00:23:18,480 --> 00:23:20,856
Right now, there's only one rule:

00:23:21,149 --> 00:23:22,483
Our way ...

00:23:22,818 --> 00:23:23,901
... or the highway.

00:23:30,450 --> 00:23:31,534

00:23:33,412 --> 00:23:35,871
Please, Neo, you have to trust me.

00:23:36,456 --> 00:23:39,083
- Why?
- Because you have been down there.

00:23:39,835 --> 00:23:41,043
You know that road.

00:23:42,045 --> 00:23:43,671
You know exactly where it ends.

00:23:45,882 --> 00:23:48,134
And I know that's
not where you want to be.


00:26:47,897 --> 00:26:50,274
Do you believe in fate, Neo?

00:26:50,442 --> 00:26:51,525

00:26:51,943 --> 00:26:52,985
Why not?

00:26:53,236 --> 00:26:56,030
I don't like the idea that
I'm not in control of my life.

00:26:57,115 --> 00:27:00,451
I know exactly what you mean.


00:27:46,289 --> 00:27:48,165
The Matrix is everywhere.

00:27:48,416 --> 00:27:50,125
It is all around us.

00:27:50,377 --> 00:27:52,336
Even now, in this very room.

00:27:53,171 --> 00:27:55,381
You can see it when you
look out your window ...

00:27:55,632 --> 00:27:57,966
... or when you turn on your television.

00:27:58,385 --> 00:28:00,928
You can feel it when you go to work ...

00:28:02,472 --> 00:28:04,139
... when you go to church ...

00:28:04,557 --> 00:28:06,642
... when you pay your taxes.

00:28:07,769 --> 00:28:10,688
It is the world that has been
pulled over your eyes ...

00:28:10,939 --> 00:28:12,523
... to blind you from the truth.

00:28:14,734 --> 00:28:15,984
What truth?

00:28:20,240 --> 00:28:21,782
That you are a slave.

00:28:23,284 --> 00:28:25,577
Like everyone else,
you were born into bondage ...

00:28:25,829 --> 00:28:30,499
... born into a prison that you cannot
smell or taste or touch.

00:28:30,792 --> 00:28:32,084
A prison ...

00:28:32,335 --> 00:28:33,460
... for your mind.

that you are a SLAVE


00:29:00,363 --> 00:29:02,656
This is your last chance.

00:29:02,907 --> 00:29:05,242
After this, there is no turning back.

00:29:05,702 --> 00:29:07,161
You take the blue pill ...

00:29:07,495 --> 00:29:10,539
... the story ends, you wake up
in your bed and believe ...

00:29:10,790 --> 00:29:12,583
... whatever you want to believe.

00:29:12,834 --> 00:29:14,168
You take the red pill ...

00:29:14,419 --> 00:29:16,378
... you stay in Wonderland ...

00:29:16,880 --> 00:29:19,590
... and I show you how deep
the rabbit hole goes.

00:29:29,476 --> 00:29:30,684
Remember ...

00:29:31,519 --> 00:29:34,563
... all I'm offering is the truth.
Nothing more.


00:56:38,144 --> 00:56:39,686
The Matrix is a system, Neo.

00:56:41,439 --> 00:56:42,731
That system is our enemy.

00:56:43,358 --> 00:56:45,692
But when you're inside,
what do you see?

00:56:45,944 --> 00:56:49,738
Businessmen, teachers,
lawyers, carpenters.

00:56:50,198 --> 00:56:52,783
The very minds of the people
we are trying to save.

00:56:53,034 --> 00:56:55,994
But until we do, these people are
a part of that system ...

00:56:56,246 --> 00:56:58,163
... and that makes them our enemy.

00:56:58,331 --> 00:56:59,540
You have to understand ...

00:56:59,791 --> 00:57:03,127
... most of these people are not
ready to be unplugged.

00:57:03,378 --> 00:57:04,962
And many of them are so inert ...

00:57:05,213 --> 00:57:07,631
... so hopelessly dependent
on the system ...

00:57:07,882 --> 00:57:10,592
... that they will fight to protect it.

many are so INERT...


01:36:07,178 --> 01:36:10,513
This is loco. They've got Morpheus
in a military-controlled building.

01:36:10,765 --> 01:36:15,143
Even if you somehow got inside, those
are agents holding him. Three of them.

01:36:16,437 --> 01:36:20,356
I want Morpheus back too, but
what you're talking about is suicide.

01:36:20,608 --> 01:36:22,192
That's what it looks like ...

01:36:22,359 --> 01:36:23,401
... but it's not.

01:36:23,652 --> 01:36:26,029
I can't explain to you why it's not.

01:36:27,114 --> 01:36:30,825
Morpheus believed something, and
he was ready to give his life for it.

01:36:31,076 --> 01:36:34,078
I understand that now.
That's why I have to go.

01:36:34,371 --> 01:36:36,873
- Why?
- Because I believe in something.

01:36:37,041 --> 01:36:38,666

01:36:39,376 --> 01:36:41,085
I believe I can bring him back.


01:52:06,761 --> 01:52:09,722
Sooner or later you'll realize,
just as I did ...

01:52:10,056 --> 01:52:12,349
... there's a difference
between knowing the path ...

01:52:13,101 --> 01:52:14,393
... and walking the path.


01:57:56,569 --> 01:57:58,695
You hear that, Mr. Anderson?

01:57:59,447 --> 01:58:02,449
That is the sound of inevitability.

01:58:05,036 --> 01:58:08,371
It is the sound of your death.

01:58:09,290 --> 01:58:11,625
Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.

01:58:11,876 --> 01:58:13,502
My name ...

01:58:16,506 --> 01:58:18,548
... is Neo.


02:07:59,254 --> 02:08:00,963
I know you're out there.

02:08:01,215 --> 02:08:03,049
I can feel you now.

02:08:03,467 --> 02:08:07,095
I know that you're afraid.
You're afraid of us.

02:08:07,429 --> 02:08:09,263
You're afraid of change.

02:08:10,724 --> 02:08:12,058
I don't know the future.

02:08:12,226 --> 02:08:14,811
I didn't come here to tell you
how this is going to end.

02:08:15,062 --> 02:08:18,022
I came here to tell you
how it's going to begin.

02:08:18,982 --> 02:08:20,566
I'll hang up this phone.

02:08:20,818 --> 02:08:23,903
And then I'll show these people
what you don't want them to see.

02:08:24,154 --> 02:08:26,030
I'm going to show them a world ...

02:08:26,281 --> 02:08:28,032
... without you.

02:08:28,325 --> 02:08:31,953
A world without rules and controls,
without borders or boundaries.

02:08:32,204 --> 02:08:35,915
A world where anything is possible.

02:08:38,544 --> 02:08:39,877
Where we go from there ...

02:08:40,129 --> 02:08:42,088
... is a choice I leave to you.


Monday, March 1, 2010


On my way home, I drove along the expressway of 200+ kilometers, at an average speed of 110 km/h, which comes to 2 hours of super duper boring journey. To keep myself awake, I kept my mind busy with these:

aLoNG-tHE-hiGhWaY {Click to view larger image}

1. Imagining how nice it would be if one of the roadside is planted with sunflowers along the 200km stretch. Butterfies will be flying around and birds will come in flocks. The other side of the road should be planted with nice grass carpet, with occasional banyan trees every lamp post distance.


2. Thinking about the ho po lui char recipe I just got from a master, and trying to recall on every step and recipe that he has taught me.


3. Listening on the David Tao CD (original one) which seems like "zharr-ing" me on every line of its lyrics...cau cee bai!


Everyone... happy Chinese New Year!
Today is already the 15th day, I guess is the last chance I have this year to wish you all. So, again..."gong hei fatt choy!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

shORT StORiES i reaD somE wHerE…


The daughter of the Chinese Emperor was ill, and he promised riches beyond compare to whoever could cure her. A young peasant named Pong Lo entered the palace. With his wit and bravery he restored the Princess's health, and won her heart. As his reward, Pong Lo asked for her hand in marriage. The Emperor refused and asked the peasant to think of anything else he would like.
After several moments of thought, Pong Lo said, "I would like a grain of rice".

"A grain of rice! That is nonsense! Ask me for fine silks, the grandest room in the palace, a stable full of wild stallions, they shall be yours!"

"A grain of rice will do," said Pong Lo. But if His Majesty insists, he may double the amount every day for a hundred days."

So on the first day a grain of rice was delivered to Pong Lo. On the second day, two grains of rice were delivered. On the third day Pong Lo received four grains, and on the fourth day, eight grains.

On the fifth day - 16 grains
On the sixth day - 32 grains
On the seventh day - 64 grains
On the eighth day - 128 grains

By the twelfth day the grains of rice numbered 2,048. By the twentieth day, 524,288 grains were delivered. And by the thirtieth day 536,870,912 grains requiring servants to carry them were brought to Pong Lo.

In desperation the Emperor did the only honourable thing he could do and consented to the marriage. Out of consideration for the
Emperor's feelings, no rice was served at the wedding banquet.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

tHE lala cook in LALA LaND!

tHE lala cook in LALA LaND!
Click to view larger image.

Last week, i went together with a bunch of lala chai to the lala beach.

We had a lot of fun searching for lalas beneath the sandy beach.

We pick and pick and pick....and pick and pick and pick...

We also saw some lala girls around picking lalas next to us.

Every lala boys turned LALA-ed at that moment.

We then went home on the lala car

I opened my lala laptop

I searched for ways to cook lala on my lala net

Then i successfully found 4 lala recipe

We soak the lala

We clean the lala one by one (Yea, hear me say ONE by ONE)

I am the lala cook. Yes, i am.

After spending hell of a lala time, i succeeded.

Everybody was having a lala wonderful time eating lala.

The table is full of lala.

One of the lala boy ate the most lala that day, his lala shell mountain was the highest.

Every lala boy was shitting lala for the next few days.

The lala stories continues as long as there is low tide...

I am lala-ed liao...

la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la

Here are the 4 lala recipes to share with anyone who likes to get lala-ed.

LaLa rEcIPE no 1
Click to view larger image.

LaLa rEcIPE no 2
Click to view larger image.

LaLa rEcIPE no 3
Click to view larger image.

LaLa rEcIPE no 4
Click to view larger image.