Friday, June 4, 2010

veGeTariAN OyStER sAuCE!

I do have one colleague of mine who has this super-duper-healthy-conscious-eating habits. There will never be too little SALT. There will never be too little SUGAR. And AJINOMOTO is prohibited when cooking. Not even those fish and chicken seasoning is allowed. BELACAN will be a total no-no. Coz he say is very very dirty. I could still accept all that. But there is just that ONE thing that makes me really MAD at him. That is the VEGETARIAN oyster sauce. He insisted on cooking using that one instead of the normal oyster sauce. How on earth can an oyster sauce be vegetarian?

How is it possible, that an oyster, which i think is NOT a vegetable, be turned into a VEGETABLE, and packaged into a bottle and sold as oyster sauce? Or is it that thoSE sPEciaL oysters, only eat nothing but vegetables down the sea bed?

Or is it POSSIBLE that somehow man has created an alternative flaVouR from cheMICAL that exactly matches the one of an oysTER? Or mAybE it is possible that the chemical somehow is also derived from the natural oySTER itself?

Any of the possibilities above are a lot more scarier than taking beLACANs combined with ajiNOMOTO and mixed together as a seasoning cocktail. Hence, the next time I see him doing it aGAIN (putting the vegetarian oyster sauce into the dishes), I'll grab it and throw it back to his fACE. And i'll make sure the next morning when he wake up in his bed, he'll be surrounded by hills and hills of oysters by his side...nabeh...


  1. hahahahaha, i can understand ur feeling.

  2. hey, before u throwing it, please keep me inform! it will be great to have a free show, ^^