Wednesday, March 28, 2012

when an appLE is not really something you could eat...

"Life is much more simpler when APPLE and BLACKBERRY were just fruits"

And if Newton were to discover GRAVITY becoz an apple falls on his head, I wonder what will I discover when the inedible appLE falls on mine. It MUST be greater than GRAVITY!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am gRATefUL to have a piLLow

Pillow, pillow, pillow... what you could do with it besides resting your head on it:

#1: Stash all your money in it to avoid the income tax

#2: The dream collector, just need to put a SD card in and it'll work

#3: The saliva collector...eeewww!!!

#4: The tears collector...nothing can absorb it faster than this!

#5: Treat it as the punch bag and punch until your hand is tired.

#6: You used it in a pillow fight, and by doing so, you make the feather-collectors occupation continues to be relevant.

#7: When you wanna make a prank call to someone, and you need impersonate another person's voice, you stuck it close to your mouth and say..."Hellooouuu!!!"

#8: When you just can't stand the noise from the next room, you buried yourself into it and trying to continue to sleep...

#9: When you wanna show your fishing friends a smarter way of getting all the fishes FAST...just throw into the river a pillow that hasn't been washed for a very, very, long, long time.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

spECiaL OrDER!

When you looked at the menu of OldTown, is so damn boring. If I were to own a restaurant chain like this in the future, i'll make sure the menu is interesting, and people will order dish names like this. By the way, i still remembered i have ordered a drink called "Sex on the Beach" a year back in a sandy land far far away. That very night, i virtually had one in my dreams with Sora Aoi^^...

special order!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

when i have got NOTHING to write...

A for orange

B for girl

C for dog

D for cat

E for Enough

F for Finish

G for Gee Gee Gee!

H for Hi!

I for iPhone

J for Jamoica Almond Fudge

K for Kokonut

L for eLephant

M for meowww~~~~

N for Ng Kim Hai

O for oPPaaa!~~~

P for Pee

Q for "Lui"

R for R&R

S for Sam is very leng chai

T for The Armageddon is near

U for n reversed

V for Victoree!!!

W for WaLanyeah!

X for Undilah saya!

Y for Why? Why? Mr Anderson, Why????

Z for's time to sleep liao now, and just shut the stupid computer off now and go to sleep!