Wednesday, March 7, 2012

when i have got NOTHING to write...

A for orange

B for girl

C for dog

D for cat

E for Enough

F for Finish

G for Gee Gee Gee!

H for Hi!

I for iPhone

J for Jamoica Almond Fudge

K for Kokonut

L for eLephant

M for meowww~~~~

N for Ng Kim Hai

O for oPPaaa!~~~

P for Pee

Q for "Lui"

R for R&R

S for Sam is very leng chai

T for The Armageddon is near

U for n reversed

V for Victoree!!!

W for WaLanyeah!

X for Undilah saya!

Y for Why? Why? Mr Anderson, Why????

Z for's time to sleep liao now, and just shut the stupid computer off now and go to sleep!