Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I am gRATefUL to have a piLLow

Pillow, pillow, pillow... what you could do with it besides resting your head on it:

#1: Stash all your money in it to avoid the income tax

#2: The dream collector, just need to put a SD card in and it'll work

#3: The saliva collector...eeewww!!!

#4: The tears collector...nothing can absorb it faster than this!

#5: Treat it as the punch bag and punch until your hand is tired.

#6: You used it in a pillow fight, and by doing so, you make the feather-collectors occupation continues to be relevant.

#7: When you wanna make a prank call to someone, and you need impersonate another person's voice, you stuck it close to your mouth and say..."Hellooouuu!!!"

#8: When you just can't stand the noise from the next room, you buried yourself into it and trying to continue to sleep...

#9: When you wanna show your fishing friends a smarter way of getting all the fishes FAST...just throw into the river a pillow that hasn't been washed for a very, very, long, long time.


  1. Hahahahahah I like the very last use of pillow!!!!

    1. if you have anymore ideas, tELL ME!!!