Saturday, December 31, 2011

fuCK the umbrellas, you don't need it!

fuck the umbrella, you don't need it

this scene, if taken using 5DMarkII, will be great. Any models wanna volunteer out there? 3 couples, 2 cars, 2 umbrellas, a road, and most importantly...RAIN!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

jacky cheung advise 2011.12.10

Somewhere in the middle of the concert, he mentioned about his continual success and able to last for 30 years as a singer, isn't an easy task. He said, in actual, he has continued to put in a lot of effort all these while. And when you listen to him live, only then you'll know what is the true meaning of giving out your best in doing something. We have to adopt this jacky cheung perspective in whatever we do.

Like the way he sang, must put in the whole heart. And continue to put relentless effort to make things better. Of coz he is paid a few millions for that, but think this, isn't he already got the few millions 10 years back? Or even 20 years ago? If you got a few millions today, can you still guarantee that you will still work as hard tomorrow? and still have the heart to chase your passion for the next 20 years?