Thursday, March 25, 2010

the days are getting bLuurrrr…

I don't know what to say anymore. Days are getting BluURRReR by the minute. I can't even recall each morning what day it is of the week, let alone the date itself. Time really got wings one. I can't believe that it already has been 3 months since New Year. I have been smoking sand particles for tHAT long already. horraY!

I haTE myself, for not having a DEFINITE dream in my mind. And i felt that i am not being in control of my life at all. It seems like i am one of the SLAVE in the world of MATRIX, where MATRIX is the imaginary world created by the POWERFUL to blind us from the TRUTH in order to USE us to realize THEIR own dreams. The more I watch the Matrix, the more I feel I am NEO.

Morpheus! Hand me the RED PILL now! Yea! NOW!

Excuse me...I wanna curse lioa...CHAO ZEE BYE!!!


  1. Wow, since when become so desperate? come out drink and chitchat.

  2. hang on bro, i'm coming to rescue u.

  3. no, are going to honeymooning la...happy honeymooning

  4. The Return of SupermanApril 1, 2010 at 1:14 AM

    I come rescue you ... wait me!
    Fu.....(Driving myvi - TOP SPEED )

    Speed: 90km/h (Constraint by "kesas" speed limit)

  5. okok, let me make a little genius out first, then i come rescue u

  6. genius, i believe if you save all your *ENERGY* and UNLEASH it in PARIS, there is a high possibility that the little genius will look more HANDSOME! Don't you agree with me??? :P

  7. Oh, poor ah hoi. and i believe it's really a hard time being in the stupid dustyland with nothing left. I can only say all the best to u and wait for the rescue team! >"