Monday, March 1, 2010


On my way home, I drove along the expressway of 200+ kilometers, at an average speed of 110 km/h, which comes to 2 hours of super duper boring journey. To keep myself awake, I kept my mind busy with these:

aLoNG-tHE-hiGhWaY {Click to view larger image}

1. Imagining how nice it would be if one of the roadside is planted with sunflowers along the 200km stretch. Butterfies will be flying around and birds will come in flocks. The other side of the road should be planted with nice grass carpet, with occasional banyan trees every lamp post distance.


2. Thinking about the ho po lui char recipe I just got from a master, and trying to recall on every step and recipe that he has taught me.


3. Listening on the David Tao CD (original one) which seems like "zharr-ing" me on every line of its lyrics...cau cee bai!


Everyone... happy Chinese New Year!
Today is already the 15th day, I guess is the last chance I have this year to wish you all. So, again..."gong hei fatt choy!"


  1. It's a late wishes, but I still wna wish u happy all along the year. =)