Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i am moving…mY bLog

All people, I have an announcement to make. I am going to move my current blog to blogger here at starting from now. In another 2 months, this site, this domain, this layout will no longer available for viewing. But worry not, coz i have been trying to replicate all the posts into this new place.

To mark the moving of the blog, with a different layout, I need to save the printscreen of the old and new blog. This will serve as a memory for me, or maybe you.

Click to view larger image.

Click to view larger image.

The reason to move > I found that what I wanted to do is 99% available in a free blog out there, and there seems to be more customization available nowadays, compared with limited functions those days. Nevertheless, owning a private hosted website still offer far more value than a free blog, it is only that I have been underutilized it all this while. It should be for people with many readers and full fledge website, not some sMaLL fLY like me. So, Mr weBHost, thanks for all the quick and good support for the last 3 years, it's greatly appreciated. Your service is good, and the price is one of the cheapest i can find in Malaysia. Just want to let you know it is NOT your fault. By the way, i am hosting it on all this while, for those who is interested, just go there and check for yourself. Value for money, nice service. Enough said. If there is another chance of me to require a webhost in the future, it's surely YOU.

And i would like to thank all who drop comments, and i am sorry for making so few posts. I must make more posts!
And as i always say, i will make this blog a better one!

p/s: those who want to make comments can make it at my new blog at

Last word, BYE-BYE...but then HELLO again!

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