Monday, August 23, 2010

HoUSE no. 22

This is House no. 22
The tenants of House no. 22, and what they are doing at the time of writing.

house no. 22

Tenant #1: SH chai
Currently doing:
Facebooking, searching each and every youtube video of "Gee". The part he liked most is the ass moving part. Initially, he was searching for the guitar tabs for "Gee", dunno why he deviate. Anyway, he succeeded in playing the song on his new baby guitar. His fingers can't climb tree yet, but soon will be.

Tenant #2: Sam chai
Warren buffett, warren buffett, and warren buffett. The book was bought over from Toh chai. 700+ pages and still havent finish half. When he get bored of reading, he "harvest the moon". Just now. he was searching for the ice cream recipe, and Cheong chai agrees to be joining in the fun. Ho po lui char version 3 is gonna come out soon also...

Tenant #3: Toh chai
I don't really know what he is doing all this while, coz he guards his privacy as good as guarding his virginity. When i go to the toilet once in a while, i passes by his room, i see him on his QC3headphone, him facing his laptop, sometimes smiling, sometimes face blank, sometimes laughing to himself!!?? He no need to eat. No need to drink. Just give him a laptop and internet, he can survive already. FB is his diary. He use FB as a MSN replacemet. And if you want him to eat dinner, just shut off the internet.

Tenant #4: Ding chai
His bed is here, but the person is not here now. He not died, he just disappear for a few weeks. Same character as Toh chai in terms of FB and internet dependency, but this guy talk a bit more. His golden phrase is "CiaW TaK Jorrr!" But talk is 108, do wohhh....I CUT!

Tenant #5: Wenpin chai
No internet sure die also for him. But what differentiate him from the other 2 in his room is his SKILL of sleeping. He can SLEEP and ONLINE simultaneously, WITH THE LAPTOP ON HIS CHEST NEVER SLIP, OR EVEN DROPPED. He should be the only person who can do it. Sometimes he'll come over to Sam chai room and say "HOU SIEN ARRRRR!!!". Half an hour ago, he just did that.

Tenant #6: Cheong chai
First thing he do is to connect to SKYPE, and talk to his son. No wastage of time FB. Sleep the earliest among all, and earliest to wake up. BTW, i think he sleep liao already at the time of writing.

Tenant #7: Kang chai
All he do is SLEEP...then wake up at night and become the ghost. But this ghost likes to karaoke in the bathroom, living room, and his room. Sometimes play the Romance of 3 kingdom to pass time.

Basically, all tenant has got own way of passing his time in house no.22. Everyone is SIEN most of the time, but I don't think we will have to suffer long. It is already TIME TO END. IT HAS TO END ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

[ you see what SH chai and sam chai doing? You see our kitchen how BIG??? And the kitchen floor, who to MOP??? ]

[ this room if no internet, will die one... ]

[ F04... F04... F04... i still left 1 brief only still wanna F04! ]


  1. my wild horse, how is ur tablet? u so call the best harvest moon received liao?

    we really need prison break. please end this night mare as fast as we can.

    btw, chin got intro any new girl to u? action please. i want to save some angpao money.

  2. Sam chai are u? ^^

  3. ding, thanks for everything...

  4. A year later I see this blog. It still brings laughters. Btw it's very weird to address some of them as chai, coz we normally call them "ye" instead of "chai" LOL. Oh ya and why is his name is WenPin Chai instead of Huan Chai?

  5. "chai" somewhat makes us feel younger, even though we are fully aware of how old we actually are. Wenpin chai sounds better. or if u really want an answer, hear this : I SIMPLY LIKE IT!