Monday, October 18, 2010

what i got after i saw the movie...

i just saw tis movie called "ais kacang puppy love". i just regretted that i did not watch this in the cinema, coz i think the effect will surely be more deep and profound. Just missed it. Ceebai. Never mind. I still got 70% of the effect.

The movie, according to my standard, which is a bit higher than average people, is a good one. No lar, to say is a good one is a bit too stingy. I shall say is a fucking good movie! It has been very long time since i saw one that has given me this kinda feeling. With so many rubbish movies coming out all these years due partly to piracy esp the HK movies, this is the single one that really caught me by surprise!

some actors are still acting like shit, talking like shit, it's like reading a book when they speak...but i dunno why, these suddenly become less important. What is more exciting is the storyline and the drama between the few main characters. there a too many scenes where there is a good deal we can learn from. And it just feel so true...

i just wanna share a few that i could remember right now

1. there is this guy who is eldest son of a coffee shop boss who always blame others for not achieving in life. And the only thing he is good at is to talk and talk and talk. No action at all. Then after some lecture by lee sin jie, he finally realised his mistake. He knows what he want to achieve, and most importantly, he stopped talking rubbish. He began to talk only those that matters, and he finally put into action his words. Bravo!

2. there is this old man who frequents the coffee shop, and is like a transparent glass to everyone, coz nobody seems to notice him, especially this michael wong guitarist. At one part of the movie, this man leaves the mortal world, and right at that scene where all the coffee shop mates saw the coffin car pass by, someone just say that life is short and we should do whatever we wanted to do or achieve in life. Wait for what? Ceebai, this one really hit me direct!

3. another scene where lee sinjie went to penang to look for his fucking gambling dad, and found out what a jerk he is, and finally she realise that all that perception she has about her mother was wrong. She made a phone call and apologise to her mum over the phone, before hugging the public phone and crying there. THAT scene was really something,...i mean really touching and good...

3. the most memorable scene would be that of the sohai ah niu who finally realises that his only last chance of meeting lee sinjie would going to diminish if he do nothing, and then he cycle all the way to the bus station, buy a packet of red bean ais kacang on the way, got hit by the bike (this scene is terrific!), then finally reach the station and got hit AGAIN by the bus. (Ceebai, if hit like this still not die???). Then lee sinjie came out from the bus, but this ah niu is somehow holding back himself to express his love for her. At this point, i feel like i wanted to jump into the scene and wacked ah niu kau kau, smack him right in the face. Dunno why, just have the urge la. And this scene again shows that "after suzhou, there is no more ship!". Suddenly i just feel lost...dunno why...why why why???? The chance is in his hand just for that very moment, and he let it go just like that. Suddenly, i feel like this "letting go of the only chance" was so true in all my life so far. i believe it is true for many people out there too.

so i hope these few scenes will serve as a reminder to me and you, that once chance flied away, will never come back, and it's just split second where the chance will exist. Wait for what??? WAIT FOR WHAT???? LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT TO WAIT!

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  1. one of the best movie, some more from bolehland. i watched it at cinema with my wife :p

  2. really good? i missed it... sigh...