Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thE ruSH (back) hOME...

Scenes of departure and arrival are common in the movies. The most nostalgic ones are either in the scene at the harbor or the train station. SAD is when you have to see your closed ones leaving, and HAPPY is when you see you see them coming back home.

In a matter of days, this scene will realize...and it will be the HAPPY part...coz i am going home. No more sand, no more 50 deg Cel, no more stupid sohai ppl, no more stupid flies, no more... no more!

All that is coming will be a beautiful land, with beautiful trees, beautiful leng-luis, and many many good things back home! Oh-yeah!!!

#1: the scene
family and loved ones, some waiving to say goodbye, some waiting in excitement for the arrival, after a long long long time away...finally reunited! hooray! :)

#2: this scene seems just too familiar...

i wanna do this one time...

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