Thursday, August 18, 2011

don't call me today

If you're calling me on the phone today, and is puzzled why i did not picked up the phone even though the ringtone has lasted like forever, don't be mad. Reason is simple. I left my phone back home.

The feeling is good. PEACEFUL is the best word to describe it. Don't you think that we sometimes were simply over-connected? Facebook lar, twitter lar, email lar, iphone lar, msn lar, skype lar, and many many other lar. Which comes to the question of really how did the people 100 years before today used to call each other. The best was the fixed public phone which only available scarcely in the big towns. The other was the snail mail. And looking back, i don't think people those days are feeling unable to connect to each other. In fact i think people really connect on a much deeper level those days. Well, at least they don't text each other even though that person is sitting right beside you. They'll really have a conversation, face to face. And they laugh, they smile in real-time, not like this :) or like this :> or like this :]


  1. Agree. I think it's all about getting used to it. If you don't have other choice but just to get use to it, then getting used to it is the only thing you can do. LOL

  2. talking about connected. basically i just need to disagree with you.

    at stone age, people take times to travel from a place to another place to see each other, therefore those time, people spent too much time to tell each other what happen to themself rather than express their ideas. in our view, they are connected.

    now in i.t. age, we can see each other at the other half of the earth within less than a second, it will be like just sitting next to you. so, now the problem is, when the longer you talk to other person, the more frequent that both of you don't have same ideas, that's why you don't fell connected.

    this is not the problem of i.t., is the problem of user, cause you can't get what you expect to get.

    if i let u eat dragon meat everyday, then you will want to eat a meal of chap fang. so, don't complain on the technology, you have to complain to yourself of abusing it.

  3. genius, your comment is even longer than my post! Since you write so long, i have to say you win on the argument. I foresee in the future people will be so well connected that we go to the toilet, our facebook status automatically displays: Bombing the tokyo now...missle dropped in T minus 5,4,3,2,1 sec...