Saturday, February 12, 2011

home kawa-ii ideas and concept - window sill

1. Wooden table just beside the window opening.
2. Morning sunshine ray shining through, can see the glare from the side...with some dreamy effect.
3. Place to have tea and eat together for family and friends.
4. Kung-fu chairs maybe.
5. Under the window sill, should have some downlight, for creating the shadow effect, especially at night.
6. The window must be a bit well ventilated, so you can feel the light breeze blowing to your face, while you enjoy sipping the cup of oo-long tea...
7. If you have been to "sakae sushi" outlet, you will see that they have a hot water tap beside every table. It will be nice to have one also just below the window sill. Also can make some hidden compartment for chopsticks and cutleries below the window sill...the spotlight will make it even more pretty.
8. It will be nice if outside the window got some really nice scenery...

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