Thursday, May 19, 2011

Michael taught me something

I found out yesterday that i am the kind of person who is emotionless. I cannot really appreciate and recognise love from others, or even love or express love towards others. i am a very self centered person in terms of love. all i think of is me, me and me!!! That is the only conclusion i could arrive at, after noticing myself unable to even drip a drop of tears after hearing the sad news from his sister. Tonight is still the same. I saw Michael laying there, motionless, and still people around me were crying uncontrollably, and i still am holding up. What is the matter with me???

Conclusion i made:
All this while, i have been on the receiving end of the friendship with Michael, never the giver. Never even cared to give a birthday present, never even make time for a visit once in a while, never never never! Why? Becoz all i think is me, me and me!!! And i took everything for granted, that everything will last forever, everything will be there waiting for me...which is so damn wrong!

What i am gonna do:
From today onwards, i will really use my heart, to be the giver, to be working on any relationship, and not just let it slip by like this, only to regret when it is too late. I am gonna express openly of what i think to the people that matters most to me, do what i really wanna do, and i won't give a damn to what other people think of me. Life is just too short for me not to learn this lesson. Thanks for the lesson Michael. You'll always be my brother!

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