Saturday, June 25, 2011

UNCLE! Prawn Crackers?

This post is my attempt of writing just for the sake of writing, means whatever comes to my mind i just wrote it down, one of the reason is i have long been hiatus in this blog of mine for a very long time.

2 days back, i went to have a dinner ALONE by this chinese restaurant called "Full Moon Restaurant". This name is quite special, but for a moment i really thought that you can have the view of the full moon by sitting on the corridor of the restaurant. But instead of a full moon greeting me that night, a small young girl greeted me, with both her hands carrying ten to twenty bags of prawn crackers. She said "UNCLE, oui sik har peang mou?". Without even looking into her face, i shook my head sideways...i gesture with my hand to her (not the middle finger luckily, but i really had the sudden urge to do it while thinking back of the incident). "Nope, thanks!" And so she left, searching for another UNCLE in the next table i suppose. For as long as remember i was feeling down for the whole night, and maybe i didn't finish the "ku lou yuk fan" = "tomato sauce fried pork rice" that i order, or did i? Can't really recall. So what the hell is happening here? It's that word...the most dreaded word i have started hearing these days. The same word that i used to call others when i was still a kid running down the street, or when i go buy sweets at the grocery shop and asked the taukeh how was his business that day, or when i asked the ice cream seller on the honda c70 bike give me an extra scoop of jagung. Those were the times where fire crackers were still legal to be played with...

and i can't believe my ears now that what i used to call people, are being used on me. So the conclusion is "whatever goes around, comes around" is true. You treat people nice, you get nice treatment later, if you treat people like an asshole now, your asshole gonna be really really loose sometime in the simple is the idea!

When you are still wearing pampers they will call you "be-be"

When you are still wearing a short pants playing guli with your gang, those UNCLE call you "sai lou"

When you lepak in the bus stop near the school, those teachers call you "Leng-Chai" (this is really my fav part!)

When you graduated and go to work as a newbie, colleagues call me Sam Chai while other people still call me lengchai now and then...still very syiok the feeling!

Then after a few years of working and your hairline goes higher and higher, they removed the "chai" and replace it with "Kor" becomes "Sam Kor"

And looking at the current progress, it will maybe change to UNCLE Sam very very soon. And later will be Sam Yeh, or the Armageddon day will be the day when i hear people calling me "Sam Pak" or the double Armageddon would be "Sam Gong"!!!

I can't take it anymore~~~ help me ! help !!!!!

Ceebai, i wish i could stop the time and remain as Sam Chai forever. Now i know why the Chinese Emperor send his troop to Japan in search of the "Elixir of Youth", not really becoz he don't have enough time to conquer the whole world, but is actually becoz he really can't stand his friends calling him "UNCLE" behind his back!!!

Too bad he couldn't find the elixir, but if i were him, i could actually go to Korea and find the SNSD of those times where each of the leng lui will forever refer to me as "OPPAAAhhhhh~~~~~~~~" - and in a very very sexy voice ~~~~ "OPPAAAhhhhh~~~~~~~~"!!!

Oh, what the fuck is happening to my brain lately.......

End of post


  1. yea mr ding, please don't ever say that word to me! I don't wanna hear it from your mouth! Please! for the sake of the survival of the whole human race, please do not say it. The only thing you could do is maybe ask your wife say it to you in your a sexy sexy way...
    Other than that, I could only accept leng lui saying this to me. I'm sorry, but you are too far from being a leng lui...cover your face also cannot make it.

  2. Hahaha! Too bad Sam, you have to accept the fact that you are stepping into a new category! XD