Monday, March 21, 2011

my idea no 1 for apple apps: SnailMail

What is the difference between the olden days and now in terms of communication? People used to be sending each other snail mails. In the current days of so high tech-world that i live in now, people use sms lar, email lar, facebook lar, twitter lar, and even now the "what's up" thingy and even the new "pingChat" shown to me by one of my buddy the other night.

I agree that the current way of communication is way way faster(instant actually...) than those snail mails, but there is something that is still missing that is present in the low tech snail mail. Something is there in those snail mails that cannot be said, expressed, but it is there. And what the fuck is that that matters?

It's inside the word snail, which means slow and this converts to the meaning: you have to wait the other person to reply your mail, and then wait and wait and wait again for the mail to be sent by the postman or fed-ex guy through the skies and the sea and the vast land, only then reach into your mailbox. Which means one more thing: you got lots of time to guess what the other person is writing, what is the content etc etc. You mind start to imagine things that may happen, or may not happen, you start to imagine some silly things going on the other side of the world, you start to count on your calender how many days has passed since you mailed yours, and whether it has arrived or not...and all sorts of thoughts that can make you sleepless start to kick in, causing you to have panda eyes now and then...

Which converge to one more conclusion: That the "waiting" time is actually the most interesting part of the communication, because it makes you "wondering and guessing in the air" what the fuck is happening.

Conclusion: If i could just create an application that can send a message to the other sender, and it will LET THE OTHER SIDE KNOW that i have sent him / her a message, BUT the message can only be read on certain date or time of the year and thereafter. That means the receiver will have to wait for the stipulated time, before she knows of the content inside the mail. It would be so fucking interesting~~~

examples of how this is gonna be used:
--> you wish a person happy birthday 2 weeks beforehand...
--> you have done something that makes him/her angry, so angry that you'll get killed right away if you tell now, and you don't have to courage to tell right now, you send the mail now, and by the time she sees your mail, you're already out of danger zone.
--> i ran out of idea for the moment...give me some!


  1. yea, i just found out that i could SnailMail Paul Crossan and tell him 1 week before i left the sohai country, that i am actually not a C&S engineer!!!! hahahaha!

  2. good one. i will like to call it time capsule. you only able to open the capsule until the time has reached.

  3. actually he know you're not C&S is actually target to PT, not you...