Tuesday, March 29, 2011

home.kawaai - room color selection

Having to move soon, new room. But the color looks dull. So i thought, what the heck, i'll just paint myself this time around. With paint as cheap as RM 1 per litre, there is no reason NOT to do it. Thanks to KANSAI paint + PAR paint. (Note: This is not a sponsored blogpost!)

This is color selection version no. 1

Looks like a toilet the longer i see it, so i switch design to version 2.
Version 2 seems to be a bit nicer i think, but too bad, paint not enough. Gotta do some site modifications. Hope no disaster. Damn tired now coz yesterday paint until 12am. Tomorrow finish the remaining hopefully...now i really know that painting is not as easy as it seems...

p/s: Thanks again to my housemate who works in KANSAI paint + PAR paint, without you, this surely won't be happening. Is the cheapest and best paint I have ever bought!

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  1. I going to reno my house, please get some for me.