Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whai i learnt from "The Truman Show"

Just 30 minutes before I started to write this post, i had just finished watching the movie "The Truman Show", one of my favorites from Jim Carrey. There are many memorable scenes from the movie, but the one that really inspires me is the scene where he braved the storm and head towards his dream of getting to Fiji, the place where he believed he could find Sylvia, where he could be a freeman, out from his controlled world. And the bastard director Cristof said one thing that i think is very true : "We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented".

That is why sometimes when we were too immersed into something, we thought that is the only world that we have, because that is the only world that we see. But actually, things might be totally different out there! And it is worth to explore!

All said, it is time to get to my ship, and sail off tonight! case i don't see you, GOOD AFTERNOON, GOOD EVENING AND GOOD NIGHT! SMILE :) BOW FOR THANKS...


  1. nice old movie. now movie is full with crap c.g. and without any message.

  2. yes, full of craps...and crabs too!