Monday, November 28, 2011

Jamoica almond fudge, why?

why? why? why?

why don't you wait for me, jamoica almond fudge? you know, i have traveled so far just to have a glimpse of you, to have saved for a month just for this night with you, to have braved through the rain just to arrive at your pink doorstep, only to be greeted by all your friends, without you there. Your mum told me that you're out of stock since yesterday. Your sister, jamoica, is just not good enough, coz she doesn't have the nuts..., and i mean almond nuts.

Why? why don't you wait for me? haven't i been loyal enough? from the land of the sands to the bolehland, have i ever ever cheated on you? from 0.7BD to 7.50RM, i still do love you, but why gave up on me? no matter what happens, i will be RIGHT HERE WAITING, NOW AND FOREVER, UNTIL THE OCEAN DOESN'T TOUCH THE SAND...JAMOICA ALMOND FUDGE.


  1. i think u need mc today to heal ur sadness, just let her go.

  2. Dude, move on, it's just a freaking ice cream flavor. LOL