Friday, August 21, 2009

beachboY says: fRieNd++, ok?

I hate to repeat this, since it is crucial to the continuous existence and survival of the author, at least until he sees the "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" ending for the beacHboY and the little LaMB.

"All the stories, names, characters and events depicted in this post are entirely fictional, which is coming out through the imagination of the author himself. Any resemblance to any person, alive or dead, or any events are purely unintentional, and the author are not to be held liable for any consequences resulting from reading of this post, in any way, either directly or indirectly."

Friend   |   Friend ++

See the above? A vertical line that separates the left and the right hand side of the two words. Both words have the same denominator, FRIEND. The other just had a pair of ++ to follow. In words, there isn't much difference. But in the real life, it differs so much. SO MUCH SO that there is this HUGE barrier, or BOUNDARY that can exist in so many different forms, yet invisible to the naked eye. And many have died crossing this boundary. Some died drunk, some died straight, some even died unnoticed. Nevertheless, there are still plentiful of successful stories.

beacHboY has failed more times than he could remembered, but the defeat never dampens his spirit. NEVER! And right NOW, beacHboY is gonna risk his everything to cross this, and will prove to those pessimist in the kraBi kingdom, that RULES are meant to be BROKEN, BOUNDARIES are meant to be CROSSED! beacHboY! Thousand miles is nothing compared to the FIRE in your heart. Just ADD OIL and it will continue to burN !!! We here will help you to ADD too!

Friend   |   Friend ++ {Click to view larger image}

p/s: This post is purposely created as a sign of unwavering support from all his friends towards beacHboY. Yea, support from colleagues are included also.


  1. thx for it...:)
    but you all not only colleague :)

  2. sam, u r the best.
    huan, ni shi zhui hoa de

  3. sam> u did a good job.... picture tells everything... either the caring from a friend or a colleague... hehe... =)
    beachboy> timing may not be "ngam" to you Both... don't be sad... you are still one of the Best colleague and BUDDY that Manja ever had.... cheer up brother...

  4. ah hoi> i love the drawing. :)
    fanshue> ni shi zui hao de!
    manja> finally more than colleague huh? XD

    BFF :)

  5. Sam: you're a genius
    Beachboy: ganbade, keep trying, dun give up

  6. beacHboY! You hear those thunderous 呼叫 from all of us?
    beacHboY! beacHboY! beacHboY! beacHboY! beacHboY!!!