Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tHE sToRY of a LittLE LamB and tHE KrABi bEAcHBOY

"All the stories, names, characters and events depicted in this post are entirely fictional, which is coming out through the imagination of the author himself. Any resemblance to any person, alive or dead, or any events are purely unintentional, and the author are not to be held liable for any consequences resulting from reading of this post, in any way, either directly or indirectly."

OK. I am safe.

Once upon a time, in the long long lost kingdom of the KRaBi, there lives a beachboY. Though he came from a poor family, he has high aspiration. He aims to be the best electrician in town one day. (Yes, this olden kingdom of kRabI is very advanced one!). Being a Virgo, he seeks for perfection in everything he does. He eats only the best foods he can afford, wears a G2000 shirt even though it costs more than 200 Krabi dollars each, and only accepts nothing but perfection.

So one day, after a full day of hard labor at his workplace, he sense a moment of loneliness. He realize that all this while, he is missing something important in his life, companionship. Then later, he found that most of his friends and colleagues around him are all beginning to rear LAMB as a way to past time and to make them happier. So, one day a close friend of his suggests that he go shop for a LAMB somewhere at the marketplace. So he goes the next day, early in the morning before the sunrise.

He can't believe his eyes when he stepped into the market. It seems every stall in the market is putting up a LAMB for sale. There are many many types of LaMB available, from the black to white, fat to thin, short to tall, and anything that he could have thought of. So, the first thought that comes to his mind was "If I am gonna shop anyway, I might as well shop for the best LaMB!" So, he starts with stall no 1: "No! Too short". Then stall no. 2: "Nah! Too fat!". Then stall no 3: "Too old! Don't you wanna try to trick me with an old LaMB! I want a pure little snow white LaMB!" he shouted at the LAmB seller.

His search continues down. He noticed that the quality of the little LamBs tends to get better down the stalls. Wow de! That's nice de! But I think the next stall should have a better LamB de! So he went to the stall beside. He paused for a while. His heart skipped a beat when his eyes saw the LamB in front of him. The LaMB's face was so cheerful and loving, with the kind of smile that no man can tahan one de! Happy, optimistic and smart little lamb, she has all the traits of a superior LamB. And underneath the neck of the lamb was a tag engraved with the word "iX". Then he checked the price tag. "Hmm...this is too good to be true, there must be a catch!", he says to himself. He stood there for a few minutes, undecided, while looking at the LamB. Want or don't want leh? The LamB tries her every way to convince the beacHboY that she was a good buy. BeacHboY hesitates. "Never mind boss! I'll see around first!", the beacHboY says.

He continue for a few more stalls down the aisle. He felt awkward. This LamB in front of him has a very long tag.

Err, may I ask, what does this name means? The boss shook his head while looking at the beachBoY. He flipped the tag over. It reads "S-U-Z-H-O-U".

Then all of a sudden, the alarm rang. BeeeeeeBoooooohhhh...beeeebooohh... "Run!!! Run!!! M.P.S.J.!!!" In a blink of an eye, all the stall owners were busy pushing away their stalls haphazardly out of the market. beAcHboy panicked. "Wait! I still haven bought any LaMB!" Wait for me!!! His voice unheard. Then, two words crossed his mind. "iX!" He looked back at the stall. It's empty!!! How could this be???!!!", he exclaimed. He searched and searched in the commotion, hoping to find a glimpse of iX, but to no avail. He could see all kinds of name, MDY, ML, JSC, MW, etc etc...but there is just no iX there.

Feeling hopeless and dejected, he walked like a dead fish towards his home that day. He felt so depressed that he finished the 2 bottles of Chivas Regal and a Bombay Tequila in one hour. Then he fell onto his bed, and the view of his HP laptop become dimmer an dimmer, dimmer and dimmer....

Deeettt Diiitttt! Deeettt Diiitttt! Deeettt Diiitttt! The alarm rangs. BeachBoy reached for the clock and slam it shut. His eyes widened. Slowly he walked to his HP laptop. Shit! I forgot to turn off the computer, he says to himself. When he was about press the SHUT DOWN button, he sees some orange color tab blinkering at the bottom right corner of the taskbar. He clicked on it.

Tears of joy starts to accumulate in his red eyes. His smile widened. He rubbed of his tears and took one more close look at the msn live messenger program before him, in a state of disbelief. His name fanShue was there. What he couldn't figure yet is the other name...This is what he saw...

tHE sToRY of a LittLE LamB and tHE KrABi bEAcHBOY
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tHE sToRY of a LittLE LamB and tHE KrABi bEAcHBOY
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