Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sHiN ru DaO gE [ 心如刀割 ]

beacHboY walks slowly into the karaoke room no 9. He took the remote control and searched JAcky Cheung. He sighed. Then, he selected these two songs by pressing the remote...

1. Wo zhen de shou shang le [ 我真的受伤了 ]
2. Shin ru dao ge. [ 心如刀割 ]

Everyone in the room was silent. They understood immediately what happened to beachboy.

beacHboY reached for the microphone and started to sing. He closes his eyes. 3, 2, 1 ... s-i-n-g...


The sadness in his voice could be felt. The emotion in his singing is nothing less than that of Jacky Cheung's.


beacHboY heart has been hurt deeply, and it has been bleeding profusely for the last few weeks. Thousands of arrows have pierced into his heart. Friends have been sad too, and is trying their best to help beacHboY to get back to the normal life. However, the illusion of the little lamb still manage to cloud his mind and heart sometimes...

sHiN ru DaO gE - [ 心如刀割 ] {Click to view larger image}

beacHboY, if there is this one thing that we could do for you to mend this, we wish that there is this "Handiplast for the broken heart", and we'll paste all of that around your broken heart, to stop all the leaking of tears. Also we would want to help you pull out all the arrows from your thousand arrows pierced heart! Nah! This is it! Take it!

beachBoY drinks to forget...but he just CAN'T

Description: beachBoY drinks to forget...but he just CAN'T

We'll build scaffold if had to!

Description: We'll build scaffold if had to!

Impossible is Nothing! Just Do It!

Description: This plaster is from mr sohai, mr QC3, and mr beachboY himself.

Qik! Qik! Qik! Qik! Qik!

Description: This plaster is from mr Qik, the one who loves to open his E71 and record and post to Qik.

the Baskin Robbins couple

Description: This one from the Baskin Robbins couple.

This is imported from MARS

Description: This is imported from MARS. Don't worry, it'll do the job as well.


  1. finally, the ending.
    not a happy ending, but at least i cant call it a sad ending also.
    we're going to meet lot of people in our life, some just a pedestrian, walk pass by us; some stay awhile and talk to us before they continue their journey; and there will be someone stay and walk forward with us.
    no one can predict the future, lets time tell the story.

  2. i hope he can get out of this smoothly. there is still unchopped trees around...

  3. well, he is a strong person, this is just a minor hiccup for him, we all need to go through this phase, it is difficult but not insurmountable.

  4. Totally agree with wat u have written.
    And I noe he will be strong and go thru all these.