Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Make good use of your TIME

Make good use of your TIME
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make goog use of time

Two week before this, I have been assigned by the company I am working to this very "S-H-O-R-T" assignment in Penang island, a very beautiful island here in Malaysia. Initially, I was promised by my direct boss which sounds like "It's gotta be ONLY 2 weeks job! Confirm! No more than that." (I rejected in the first place coz the pay there is even less than peanuts. And being away from home unnecessarily is just a no-no for me). And by now the assignment has already reached the span of nearly a month...and that man who say "Confirm 2 weeks!" is nowhere to be seen. T.N.S.!

Being so lonely and bored to death, I decided to go and check one of my best buddy university mate, who coincidentally is also living in Penang. Haven't seen him for years but we do keep in touch over the phone and MSN. So we have a long chat that night about the goods and bads we went through after 4 years graduating. And in the middle of the conversation, he suddenly asked me this..."Sam, can you roughly estimate how many days were there in your life?"

So, I began to calculate in my mind...365 days/year x 70 years assuming the rate of a normal person. Halfway through the calculation, he stopped me. "Stop it. No need calculation. "You just have 3 days in your life. YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW". Then only, I know what he meant. "Yesterday is past tense, you can't chase it back. All you have is TODAY. And TOMORROW may never exist.

Past tense, Present tense, and Future tense

That moment on, I feel that I really need to cherish TIME more. All the while I have been wasting a lot of time, watching stupid TV programmes, surfing the internet aimlessly, and sleeping more than needed, procrastinate everything that is possible...the list goes on and on. Conclusion - I have very very bad time management. And I want to change this. I don't wanna regret not using my time to the fullest when I died. No! No! No!

24 hours only...

Have you ever heard about this phrase? "Everybody has the same 24 hours a day. Nobody gets more or less". Bill Gates don't have any hours more than you or me, but he managed to fully utilize his time to become what he is today. And I remember Andy Lau (HK Superstar) have spoken in an interview that he sleep roughly 5 to 6 hours only daily. When asked why, he replied "You can have plenty of time to sleep after you have died." At the time I heard this, I just had a good laugh. Now I truly know the true meaning.

Take Andy Lau's advice. But don't overdo it.

Now I am going to make a promise to myself to fully utilize every moment that I have. Mark my words! By he end of this Christmas, I am gonna write a post to check on myself, whether or not I do what I say. Hahaha!

My promise to myself...

You have got one whole day to plan and use your time...

Bill gates, you and ME!


  1. Hey, I just want to say I love your sketches. They're very thought-provoking and fun to read. Also, the coloring is awesome. :D I've only read three of them so far, but I will read the rest at a later time~

  2. Margaret, Thanks for the compliment, but frankly speaking I am just very new to this. Still learning. I see that you have a site dedicated to Photoshop tutorials. Should be quite useful for me...

  3. Like I said at soompi, I really like the colours you used. good job!

  4. Island, you do have a great site there...btw, the theme is very unique! Hope you don't mind if I make a link to your site. But at the moment I am still not sure where to add links, so give me some time...