Friday, June 27, 2008

Have you found your pUrpoSE?

What is your purpose...
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what are you sure about

I was working quite late on that night,and soon after back from work, I got myself bathed, and straight away, I headed to my comfortable bed. In my mind...I kept asking myself this 3 questions...over and over again...yet the question seemed so difficult, even harder than the hardest paper I have ever sat.

1. What is my purpose?
2. Why am I unhappy?
3. How can I be rich?

And later of the night, I just figured out that I had read on a book not long ago titled "Being Happy" mentioning about finding your purpose in life. I believe in the author. I believe that all the 3 questions will be answered if I can find my purpose. But the problem is...I haven't found my purpose on this earth yet! That is so embarrassing!

I am stuck here...heLP!!!

what are you sure about

My life right now, is exactly like the one in the picture above...stumbled upon a dead end with so many signboards showing you to nowhere. After all those years of hard work at school and at work, I feel like I am just a rat running in circles, getting pushed around by other people and circumstances. It just makes me feel down sometimes. Do I really have to go through all these in order for me to reach my DESTINY?

In English, there is one idiom that says "Every roads leads to Rome", but in my opinion, there are some faster and smarter roads. Lucky people got a better head start sometimes, the even more luckier ones may have the straight highway for them to use from the day they were born. The normal and the unfortunate ones may have to go through the longest, steepest and winding road in order to reach ROME. Some may not even make it...and that is something that I feel sad for. It is partly due to them already wasted so much of their time and energy in the beginning, until they were just too tired in the middle of the road.

Every road leads to ROME, but there is a highway for those LucKy ones.

what are you sure about

Whatever it is, I do believe that we can always TRY to change for the better. You can blame on your humble beginnings and environment, but that can never change anything. Instead, it only drags you down, and people just see you as not fun at all.

For me, if you can make the best of whatever you have got, then you are already very good. Somebody once told me, we just don't enjoy when we have reached our destination, but the best enjoyment came from going through the journey with people you cared about. That is true, I believe.

It's a matter of CHOICE...

what are you sure about

For those who is lucky to have a straight road ahead of them, congratulations. You can now concentrate fully on what really matters to you. Saves you a lot of time. But if in any case you came across people on the other side of the road, don't bully them. Share your wisdom and moments with them, maybe in the end, you may be the one getting some better advice from...

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