Friday, January 25, 2013

washiNG MaChiNE

I strongly believe that washing machine is the single best invention of the century. If not, your mother will need to go to the river side and use the wood log and "pok" and "pok" the clothes on the big rocks...exactly like what you see in the old chinese legend movies such as the legend of condor heroes, yee tin tung loong kee or even wong fei hung. Soon mothers got tired with this method, and invented another method known as the washing plank. The plank's surface is like mini stairs. You put the clothes on top of this plank, and you brush on top of it. Incredible invention, but still you will need an hour or two at least to do this job. By the way, if someone calls a girl a washing plank, i think it has the equivalent meaning of being 'fei kei cheong' - a.k.a. flat chest. No wonder i haven't seen any kwailou using this...or am i wrong?

Then come the great invention, the great washing machine! Running on electricity, it nearly automates all the jobs...just dump it in and put in the 'ingredients', and it will spin and spin, spin and spin, spin and spin, and voila! COMPLETE!

You know, in this world, there are many kind of races. People race to finish 100m in less than 9 secs, people race in marathon, people race in bicycles, motorbikes, car, F1, lorry, swimming and in other sports. At work, people race to be the smartest, race to earn the most money, race to be the CEO, race to be the fastest to get married and have kids, race to be the fastest to be elected as president, race to be the miss malaysia, miss universe, mr universe, race to buy movie ticket, race to buy concert tickets of jacky cheung, michael jackson, leon lai, andy lau, race to queue for iphone, after queue, race to buy the iphone, also race to buy condos, terrace house, bungalows, 2nd house, 3rd house, race to go buy air asia tickets to travel, race to get to the first door in the LRT, race this...race that...race race race!!!!! RACE!!!!

And after all these race, when back my place here, i still have one more race. That is to RACE TO USE THE WASHING MACHINE with my housemates. Apparently all of us have so many clothes to wash. Coupled with the raining seasons which means we have to race to use the clothes drying rack too. Whoever LOSES in the washing machine race, HOHOHO! He/she will risk being unable to have a dry underwear tomorrow loh...mun nei sei mei?!!!


  1. Get a house then get a washing machine.

  2. Lol buy another washing machine.

  3. ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈┈┈┈