Thursday, June 7, 2012

everybody is selling the fish...

lately i have come to realise the fact that human being by nature is selfish. the only difference between each of them is the level of selfishness they are in...

selfish < selfishER < selfishEST < sell ALL THE FISH.

here are the examples:

1. we always say we wanna protect the earth, but once you have a choice between $$$ or preserving the forest, you'll close one eye and chop off all the trees...and saying to yourself, well, i am only chopping a few trees, see the guy next door, he is chopping the whole foresT! so that makes me NOT GUILTY! so what the fuck!

2. a big team of developer, engineers and architects i work with right now, took all the efforts to get the certification of LEEDS (simply means a paper saying you are GREEN, and you now can use this to con other stupid ass), but put a blind eye to the trees that they chopped and cleared off during the earthworks stage. Again, they thought, what the fuck, i don't wanna delay the project by creating issues, as long as i got paid on time by my client.

3. those LYNAS plant. They wanna use iphone3,4,4s, samsung galaxy s1,s2,s3, and toyota prius, prius c, and hybrids, fully aware that these are the things that use all the rare earths, and yet they condemn those fuckers who built the plants. the plant builder is the fucker, we as the user, is slightly less of one, but STILL...a FUCKER.

4. LRT routes. they wanna lrt service, but when a lrt station or rail is built right behind their house they complain like lanjiao. everybody wants the sweetener, nobody wants to eat the "fu kua". that is how nature it is.

5. Last but not least, i hate those people who say: "when it comes to money i am merciless!". to these ppl, i say "there is still a limit of how many notes you can stuck inside your coffin!"
Yes, i am referring to you!!!! You fucker!~~~yes! YOU!!! SK DING! YOU LanJIAO!~~~

p/s: i am also a fucker, lanjiao, and all those described above...i am striving to be the least damaging one...well at least i try.

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