Sunday, November 8, 2009

wHaT wouLD yOU dO, if you hAD all tHE tiME and mONEY in tHiS woRLD?

Ever asked yourself this question?
Try to do it. They say by doing so, you will find your joy, and your meaning of life.
This list is not complete yet...will continue to update...whenever the inspiration comes...

1. I will buy 10 nos of QC3 and put them all over the place. 1 in my bedroom, 2 in the living hall, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in the toilet, 1 on the sofa couch, and the remaining for display only. Buy another one for my dog and my cat too!
[2009.11.08 3.20 am MY time - unable to sleep, with lum sleeping at the next bed...]

2. I will buy the Baskin Robbins franchise, and set up a very nice stall at Cameron Highlands. I will hire a bunch of leng luis to work in the stall. In the meantime, I will be dropping by once in a while to have a nice Jamaica Almond Choc flavour with 3 scoops on a large waffle cone for free, sitting among those leng luis and enjoying the custom made ice cream! And I will also work part time there whenever i am free, and also take all my family members and belanja them all! I wanna enjoy my time with all of them, enjoy savouring bit by bit of the BR ice cream, having laughter all day long.
[2009.11.08 3.25 am MY time - unable to sleep, with lum STILL sleeping at the next bed...]

*to be continued*...

3. I will buy a farmhouse in the middle of the hills, something like Kundasang or Cameron Highlands where the house will be surrounded by tea plantations, rice fields and strawberry fields. Every morning, I'll bring my wife, my mom, my dad, my son, my daughter, my nieces, my nephews, my dog and my pussy cat along to go photo-jogging. I will be equipped with Canon EOS-1 Mark III camera with 135mm f1.2L lens and take portrait photos like never before!
After the jog, we will all be having a breakfast picnic by the bench in front of the farm house, enjoying the superb scenery of the tea plantation while the sun is rising. Right after we have finished picnicking, we'll all go into the farm to pluck tea leaves and harvest some fresh strawberries! And we'll all sing "mountain-song" to each other! "Haaaeeeyyyy~~~~~~~~ !!!!!"
The children will be running around catching butterflies, chasing some small chickens and some little lambs.
After the harvesting, we'll bring back those harvests. My parents and some children will play with the dogs and the pussy cats in the living room happily, while me and my wife will make the Hainan chicken rice with the chicken we caught just now. The younger ones will make the sauce while I cook the chicken rice! Mmmmm.....sooo delicious!
And we'll all sit together at the wood bench under the tree in house front, having this super nice Hainan Chicken Rice while enjoying the scenery in front our satisfying...
[2009.11.11 2.16 am MY time - sitting alone by the TV after watching KBS World Channel...]

*to be continued*...


  1. wahahahahaha, u make my day wonderful. cant wait for the remaining list.

  2. damm funny la :) especially the QC3 for your pussy XD

  3. I tot your dream was to open a chicken rice shop aka franchise?

  4. Jamie, yes...i like to make and enjoy hainan chicken rice. But since the title is If I had all the money and time in the world, then making the dish for the family would be enjoyable need franchise la...

  5. wow, i want that dream also.

  6. Haha, what about the pasta bak kut teh? u missed it out! XD