Monday, February 23, 2009

I bought myself a camera…

I bought myself a camera!
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I bought myself a camera!

This is old news, but still worth mentioning. I would want to remind myself that I bought a pretty expensive camera last Christmas, compared with what I have been earning so far. And by writing it down here, I think it will serve as a reminder to me...USE IT WELL...USE IT WELL...

First of all, why an SLR? Answer is simple. I don't want to see any blurry, out of focus pictures anymore! Using the normal point and shoot camera is just too frustrating, especially if you have a nice scenery, only to find it blurred on the computer screen back home. Well, don't you agree? Nice scenes and leng luis are hard to come by...once you miss the chance, there probably won't be any second chance to take it...

Many many BUTTONS ar!

As a beginner in photography, everything seems so new to me. There are just so many new words, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, AE Lock, metering, EV, etc etc etc...with all the different buttons plastered all around the camera body. Many many buttons. So many that it took you a while before I could actually remember all the functions. However, lucky (or rather unlucky) for me, I have a bunch of photog-fever colleagues who helps learning much faster.

Well, my colleagues are partly responsible for me buying the camera. You know, one tries to poison another to buy, the other gets poisoned, and everyone starts poisoning each other and finally ALL is poisoned. The one who gets poisoned worst...are the one who starts the poisoning first. That's the story...

All the camera BIG GUNS

I have learned that camera manufacturers out there are also aware of this phenomenon, the growing popularity of photography as a hobby. That's why we see all of them jostling each other for the market share. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji...all has many ranges of camera to offer. All waiting to POISON us all. And Flickr too, is part of it. In fact, is LARGE part of it. Nothing to say here. One willing to sell, the other willing to buy.

PORTRAIT...see the CAT over there?

I think I like portraits photos more than anything else. At least I like to see them. Taking them is a bit of problem here, as it requires the greatest skills, and models are not that much. Simply taking other people's photos is another way to solve it, but it may bring unwanted troubles. Privacy is the word they gonna shout at you. So, to avoid these, the only thing you could do is to take your close friends and families or even YOUR CAT as the temporary model.

Yeah...i think i gonna try dolls later...anyone got extra cutie, kawaii dolls to borrow?

I don't have much to say this time. Just no mood. Next time...

MACRO...see the BOKEH effect back there? :)


Landscape...must use WIDE ANGLE LENS


  1. Hey, y i dont know u got 1 de? which model is it? i guess it`s canon from the sketch. Hais, another canon kia....

    nv invite to ur photography section pun....where is ur photo btw?

  2. Wait till I have some really good photos to show, then I'll upload. Right now, is really not-so-beautiful shots. BTW, maybe you could volunteer yourself as a model next time...

  3. Ah, I've been wanting one for ages. (By the way, did you draw that camera??)
    The pictures they take are so delicious. How much was yours? I just adore them for taking excellent photos under low light. No more ugly flash :D

  4. Drawing that camera is impossible for me...i just scanned it from the manual.
    Hmm, i bought the whole set at around 3280 rm which is around 900 usd ( including the kit lens of 18-55mm ). Burns a deep deep hole in the pocket, and the pain lasts for a few days. But one tip if you were to buy one sooner or later...allocate your money more on the LENS. The camera body doesn't really makes much difference. I should have bought a cheaper range of camera body...and a higher range of LENS instead.